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Thursday – A Little personal – New Arrival

“Hey, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. How are you today?” “Not sure.” “What’s the problem?” “There’s a pile of stuff over there that I don’t recognize.” “Mom is putting the things she will need for the puppy arrival.” “I know you mentioned a puppy, but are you actually going to adopt one? Look at this stuff Bailey.” […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey in Exile.

“Hey, Lucy. You look down. What’s going on?” “Aw, Boss. We’ve been stuck on the lower level for years. It is getting tiring.” “It’s been a week and five days. It just seems like years.” “I’m sure sick of Candy Crush, Pops.” “You guys want to go and check the progress?” “Whoa, Pops. Now you’re […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey Get Motivated

“Hey, Lucy. The sun is out.” “Wa—huh. Oh, it’s you, Boss.” “Come on let’s go outside.” “Aw Boss. You know I’m still recovering from that teeth extravaganza.” “How about you Bailey?” “How about you Bailey what Pops?” “Outside. You and me. Toss around the old tennis ball.” “Mmm. Sounds delightful but I’ll pass.” “Here. Take this […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Housebound

“Hey, Lucy. Do you want to come up here on the couch you look a little down.” “To tell you the truth, I wish there was something to play with.” “I know it is boring when you can’t go outside.” “Yeah, why can’t we go out? “For heaven’s sake, Lucy. Can you take a look […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – The Creature

“Hey, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. How are you? “Just fine. You know I have something I need to discuss with you.” “Okay, shoot.” “Come closer.” “Is this close enough?” “Yes, Boss. What I need to tell you I don’t want mom to know.” “Sounds serious. What is it?” “Yesterday we were walking in the neighborhood and—” […]

Tuesday – Anything Possible – New Year Portrait

Well, it is the new year and time for a portrait.  Lucy and Bailey were still for about twelve seconds on New Year’s Day and I caught them. I hope you have a great week.    

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey Reflections

“So Lucy. What do you think about the year? It is almost New Year’s Eve, and I wonder if you have some thoughts about 2017.” “Boy, Bailey. You are pretty philosophical for a hound.” “I’m a boxer, not a hound.” “Just an expression.” “Back to my question.” “I’m thinking. I guess I will have to […]

Merry Christmas Day from Lucy and Bailey

“Hey, Boss. Why do we have to pose here like this?” “It is Christmas, Lucy. We need to send a greeting to our blog friends.” “Okay, but hurry. My neck is getting sore.” “You are supposed to look at me.” “Won’t happen, Boss.  You know I’m a dog, right?” “Say, ‘Merry Christmas,’ you two.” “Merry […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Construction

“You busy Boss?” “Oh just trying to finish this chapter. But for you anything.” “You hear all that hammering? “Yeah, It is more construction.” “These new guys?” “Nope, the same guys as last week.” “Well, they don’t smell the same.” “Nothing ever smells the same, Lucy. So what are they doing out there Pops?” “They […]

Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy Has a Question

“Hey, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. When you stand there like that, I know there is something on your mind.” “How do you know I do not just adore you.” “Um. I would say I just know. So what is the question.” “Okay, then you caught me. I was wondering if that is Santa on the roof?” […]