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a igloo

Friday time again. Looks like we might actually make it to the end of the week. This week has been one of amazing rain. I think it started last Friday and has been off and on for the whole week. We also had a cold front move in so we have been under the gun chill wise. I think the temperature got to eighty degrees only once this week. For us weak island dwellers, this is a real cold snap. It is pretty funny seeing the brave tourist types from up nawth walking down the beach with shorts and short sleeve shirts while we natives look like we are living on an ice flow. This week’s JohnKu (a Term coined by Words4jp) looks at the weather.

Weather By John W, Howell ©2014

Sunny days always,

Until the Earth tries tilting. . .

Then, paradise lost.


  1. Our paradise was lost as temperatures went from the high 70’s to the 30’s. Happy Friday, John!

    1. I had to turn on the heat. (what a whimp)

  2. This week had strange weather. Low/mid 60’s on Wednesday and then it dropped into the 40’s (high 30’s at one point) by Thursday night. Hope you stay warm and have a fun weekend.

    1. You as well. *shiver*

    1. Turned on the heat. Real early this year.

  3. Heading into a cold snap here, too. Personally, I’d like the snap to stay around for a while. Gives me a chance to wear all those scarves I’ve knitted over the years 😉 Happy Friday, John!

    1. You and my daughter. She lives in Austin and has a thing for nice warm clothes (fashion wise)

  4. We usually see a little cold weather come January, but people in parkas can be seen when the temps drop to 65.

    1. Yeah, 65 is the time for long pants.

  5. yes – paradise lost – I am thinking this winter is going to be as brutal as last winter. i do love looking at the snow, just not when it is a several below zero windchill:)

    1. Having spent several years in Palatine and Marengo IL, I can certainly agree with you. I was blown off my feet on some ice once.

      On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 7:40 AM, Fiction Favorites wrote:


  6. On which island do you live? It is getting cooler her in sunny Southern California. We are actually having some cloudy days and bit of rain last night. We need much more rain. I put the heat on this morning.

    1. Mustang Island near Corpus Christi

      1. Is it a big island? I will google it. Do you have to worry about hurricaines like Galvestin?

      2. It is about 15 miles long. Yes, we worry about hurricanes and have not been hit since the 70s. That is not to say it can’t happen. We are as prepared as we can be. The nice thing about hurricanes is they don’t strike without warning (like earthquakes) We used to live in Sonoma CA. and were in a few of those.

      3. You have lived in some nice places. Sonoma is one of my favorite places. We were up there last Christmas. So beautiful!

      4. We hated to leave, but unless I wanted to be unemployed at 60 we had to move for the job.

      5. That was quite a move. I know the job situation sucks for anyone over 50.

  7. Paradise is losing in SC, too. Supposed to freeze tonight.

    1. Sorry about that. Stay warm

  8. Whether we like it or not, the changing of the season thing seems to get us every time.

    1. It is so true isn’t it? You would think we would learn. It’s like daylight savings time. Big ole gotcha

  9. Pleased to hear we are not the only ones suffering in wet conditions John. I would be a brave tourist type wearing shorts were I to visit your island.

    1. Englishman Blue Knees would be your title.

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