Thursday – A Little Personal

For the last year, I have not been able to talk or write about the day our beloved Silky Terrier took her walk over the Rainbow Bridge. I’m not too sure I can write about it now, but it is time to move from avoiding the memories of that day to remembering the fun and good times we shared.

Coco was with us for seven years and was a rescue found on the streets of San Antonio. she was estimated to be five years old when we found her. (or she found us) My wife was visiting the local shelter and came upon Coco looking very sad in a cage with another dog. This is her sad look which we found out after adopting her she could put on in a second.

2013-08-25 14.22.29


She came home to us and gave us many hours of laughter and like most terriers was in charge of the household which included two cats, two dogs, and two humans.

One of her favorite things to do (among many) was to go in the yard and the minute you turned your back slip through the fence to visit the neighbor. Here is a shot just before the slip. In fact, you can see the leg position getting ready for a turn toward the fence.

play time 002


and after


play time 006

For some reason, she liked the neighbor’s lawn even though she had ne of her own. Another favorite of hers was to play with the bigger dogs and to act as the mediator when the cats started an argument. We called her Barney Fife due to her effectiveness in maintaining law and order. Here is a photo of her blended family and Coco taking a break. (but just barely)

2013-04-20 19.23.01

This last photo is of Coco deciding not to leave the beach. She loved to walk and when it was time to go home she more or less would invoke a sit-down strike and it was up to us to wait until she finished looking at the water.

2013-04-29 16.15.33


We all miss her and know she had a wonderful life and enjoyed it to the fullest as we enjoyed her. Rest well little one.



  1. Such rich and fine memories.

    1. Thanks Kris. They are and it helps to share them.

    1. Thank you for the reblog

  2. Great john w. Howell

  3. John… Too soon for me as well. Great big hug.

    1. Thank you Teagan. Hug back.

  4. Sounds like you have a lot of happy memories of her. Love how she was even in charge of the cats.

    1. And the two of us as well. Thanks

  5. I’ve been there. People often don’t understand how long this sticks with us. Even this post brought back memories.

    1. I understand. Hope they were good ones.

  6. Bethany Drew · ·

    This is your best “A Little Personal” yet!!! So glad to have read it. It truly touched me.

    1. Aw. Thank you. Needed to move to a better spot and this helped.

  7. I can understand how it would be too soon. Dogs can become so special, so fast. Coco sounds like a great friend.

    1. She was. Thanks

  8. Just over a year ago, we lost our 11 year old cat, Shadow, and it’s still difficult to talk about him sometimes, so I know how you feel, John. Sounds like you have some wonderful memories.

    1. Yes Teri. Many that were overshadowed by the end and this post was to help change the focus. Thanks and I’m sorry for your loss as well.

  9. Awww…she was adorable. I love that you adopted her and gave her a good home. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. Bless you.

  10. Such a cutie. Maybe you should adopt another.

    1. Maybe some day Susie. Thanks

  11. Aw, gee, now where’s my Kleenex?? Such a sweet tribute to what obviously was a special member of your family, John! I’m glad you called up courage to write about it — it helps to remember the happy times, you know. I wasn’t blogging when I lost my Spitz; maybe I should post about it now, for the memory still hurts. Blessings on you for giving Coco a forever home — and I hope she’s found my doggin at the Bridge!

    1. This helped me. I think you should. If Doggin liked to sniff every spot on Earth and beg from the table I’m sure they met.

  12. [Sigh] Tuggin’ at the old heartstrings, man.

    1. I know. Couldn’t be helped.

  13. I feel your pain. When I had to have my German Shepard cross, Karla, put to sleep (her hips, arthritis) I was in bits.
    I still miss her now, she was the most unconditional giver of love and affection.
    A year after she went, I started writing this, her life, from her perspective.
    I just read this as I searched for the link and it made me well up a bit, even now.

    See what you think…

    1. I liked the story. The “other” concept was interesting. I think the story has a lot of potential and you should finish it. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you, she does become more articulate as time goes on. There are six chapters, I think they’re all linked.

      2. You planning more?

      3. Hmm, there is only really one more chapter I could write and it wouldn’t be one I’d enjoy.
        it has been a long time since she died now and my personal circumstances have changed completely, I’m not sure it would feel right to return to that situation now.
        I have thought about it though, quite recently in fact, so you never know.

      4. Well it might make a good short story.

      5. Maybe. Although it’s already posted in episodic form, so I’m not sure why it would be worth posting again.

      6. Now I understand. Thanks.

  14. It’s always so hard to lose an animal. Our previous dog died in 2004 but we still remember her and light a candle on the day she died.

    1. A wonderful thing to do. Thanks

  15. Sounds like man’s best friend, no doubt. Beautiful collage of photos, John. I imagine she’s sitting on the great big beach in the sky, watching the waves roll in.

    1. Sure hope so she loved the sea breeze. Thanks

  16. Brought a tear to my eye – she looked lovely! Beautifully told John! 🙂 🙂

    1. Aw. Didn’t want any tears (but my own) Thanks

  17. It is 7 years since Sam left us and we still think of him often.. writing his book was very therapeutic and this story too that you have shared means we have the pleasure of meeting Coco. A book would be great as she sounds a real character.

    1. She was. I have never met a dog who became so involved with us and loved us as much as we loved her. She had her moments but we always had a laugh about them.

  18. You know I know how you feel and felt. Thank you so much for sharing these posts and your memories. I love the photo of Coco looking out at the water. She was a bit existential, eh? Makes you wonder what went on in her life before you found her. I suspect she’d seen it all and that gave her the “gravitas” she needed to keep you all in line 🙂 Lovely tribute, John. Now, excuse me … I need to find some tissues …

    1. Thanks, Marie. It was hard to write, but I’m glad I did. For a moment or two she was very much with me again and I loved the memories. 🙂

      1. Indeed, the memories. My husband and I talk a lot about the cats who left us, their personalities and quirks. It feels good to remember the fun times (or the not-so-fun times as with Joshua, the cat who “sprayed and stayed” … ) xox

      2. “Did you go tinky in the house?” was one of our favorite questions

  19. Awwwww…she looks like she was a great dog! Take care, John!

  20. I can see how easily you guys fell for Coco. John, she is adorable. That look on her face. Priceless. I identify with how she looks at that beach. I feel the same way about Colorado. Hugs to you guys. Thanks for sharing Coco with us.

    1. Thank you Audrey

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