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Friday is here again. This week seemed long since most of us had a short week last week. Not sure how many had Monday off but, for the most part, last Friday was the holiday, so we had to pay the piper this week. We are in the middle of the summer months and can feel the temperature rising. Of course, we grumble when it’s cold, so it seems prudent to grumble about the heat. We have the same privilege now on the fact that the rain has subsided. We can now complain about how dry it is becoming. Today’s JohnKu (a term coined by Words4jp) discusses the fickle nature of the human condition.

Change by John W. Howell © 2015

Content in our life,

Having everything the same. . .

Until there’s a change.


  1. No one is happy
    until life throws a hard curve
    then the past is joy.

    1. Excellent. You have captured a deeper significance in the Haiku.

  2. Plus ca change, plus the meme you chose.

    1. Ok, I need a little more on this one. What is ca?

      1. A French saying: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose  (pronounced “ploo sa change, ploo se la mem shows”) “The more it changes, the more it stays the same”)

      2. Me being a smartass, sorry. ;~}

      3. Ah si je l’avais su qu’il était français ( avec des accents ) je aurais arrivé là . Je aime l’idée d’ autant que les choses changent , ils restent les mêmes . J’ai adoré. Merci

      4. Pardonnez-moi, je ne voulais pas vous fréquenter. Je dois aucune raison de croire à personne que je ferais français, il est juste la façon dont mon esprit fonctionne.

        Having said that, I’m happy to accept any credit for unintentional intellectualism, so thank you. ;~}

  3. Almost everyone hates the weather. If only it could stay perfect and only rain when we have no outdoor plans.

    1. I like the idea of Camelot. Rain at night.

      1. Funny you mention that since I’m watching the BBC Merlin series this week. At least Season 2 since I can’t find Season 3.

  4. Wishing for a change… 😀
    Have a fabulous Friday, John. Hugs!

    1. You as well Teagan. 🙂

  5. Indeed it was a very long week. The week before I only worked 3 days since I had Friday off as holiday and I took the previous Monday off for my birthday. Don’t know how I managed to get through 5 days this week. But it’s almost over. And don’t get me started on the heat! I went for a short walk yesterday at my office complex. It felt like the sun was burning the skin off my legs ;(

    1. And you wished it would rain. I know how you feel. Have a great weekend

  6. Would that someone could find a way to smooth out these weather extremes! Those with too much rain (like us!) would gladly share with those having droughts. And who’s ever heard of 60-degree highs … in July??!? Well written, John — have a super weekend!

    1. Thanks, you as well Debbie.

  7. Well, at least you’re honest about it. 😉 Perfect haiku!

  8. It’s all possible,
    when we are comfortable,
    but not when life stinks.

    Happy Friday John!

    1. Nice Haiku Phillip. Thanks.

  9. So true, John! We can always find something to complain about, can’t we? Friday at 5 p.m. is my favorite part of the week. I took my vacation week in the summer for the first time in a long time last week. Since I had Friday off for a holiday, I added Monday to my week off too. That gave me about 10 days off including the weekends. However by Thursday last week, it felt more like just a weekend had passed and I was on the 4th weekday of my vacation already. Time just goes way too fast, especially when you’re off work.

    1. As a wise man said (Murphy) Time passes in direct proportion to how pleasurable the time. More pleasure faster pass.

    1. Thank you Kim for the reblog

  10. He he funny joke

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