Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF


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Friday once again and only eight more hours (give or take a few) till quitting time. I’m so lucky this week I have my daughter and grandkids visiting. Two of the three grandchildren brought a guest and youngest is visiting from Austin, so we have nine of us kicking around the house. It is so nice to have a bunch around. The noise the talk the laughter are all music to the ears. Makes one take stock in what is considered important. Yes, peace and quiet is essential but so is the happy bedlam of the family. This week’s JohnKu ( A termed coined by Words4jp) talks about family. Hope you like it.

Family by John W. Howell ©2015

Underfoot and loud,

All around and in the way. . .

Until sad silence.


  1. Have a great time, John! I love that picture and the JohnKu.

  2. Enjoy a fun, loud weekend. Fun at the beach planned?

    1. Yes. Fun at the beach, smores. fire.

      1. Smores? I need a plane, a parachute, and probably some training on how to use them.

  3. Have fun with your family and other guests – hope the weather cooperates!

    1. Thanks Teri. We are really enjoying it.

  4. Have a blast with all that company, John!!

    1. Thanks Andra. It is so much fun.

  5. John, I’m THRILLED for you! Nothing beats having the kids (and their noise) home. Nothing. Enjoy them while they’re visiting, for you’re right — too soon, they leave, and the quiet returns.

    1. I am totally enjoying them. Have a good weekend

  6. Well-phrased, my friend. I can tell you’re eating it up!

    1. So true. Thanks Kevin

  7. Enjoy the weekend with the family John. It should be fun.

    1. Thanks Guy. You have a good weekend as well.

  8. Bethany Drew · ·

    Awe Dad! Thanks for having ALL OF US!! Great JohnKu!!!

    1. Aw. It is my pleasure totally

  9. That sounds perfectly great. Make sure to pick on someone.

  10. Sounds like you’re having a blast, John. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a large gathering and I miss them, for a few days at least.. and then I’m ready for the peace and quiet again. It’s all about moderation. 😀 Have a great weekend.

  11. Happy Friday, John. Enjoy your family.

  12. Such a gripping story told in three simple lines, John. Enjoy the pitter-patter of little feet this weekend while it lasts. I’m sure they will enjoy the beach with you 🙂

  13. Well, Happy Saturday! I got distracted yesterday and missed your Johnku ;( Hope you’re having a blast with your family. My sister (mother of 3, grandmother of 6) could definitely relate to the Johnku. I think she’s happiest when she has all her kids around her 🙂

    1. It is a good feeling.

  14. I’m glad to know you’re having a wonderful visit, John.
    I can only imagine being in the same family as that goofball trying to lounge on the tree limb! Maybe that one needs to get into “Bob’s” life and teach him to have fun. 😀
    Mega hugs!

    1. Thanks. Nice to “see” you up and about.

  15. Hope you you have done a good job spoiling the guests.

    1. Oh yes. Gourmet meals (If I say so myself) , sand, pool. They called it Club Howell.

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