Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt Fly/FLies/Flew/Flu/Flue


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It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday again and this week’s prompt is Fly/Flies/Flew/Flu/Flue. If you would like to participate, visit Linda Hill at Here is my interpretation.

Fly/Flies/Flew/Flu/Flue by John W. Howell

When flies flew down the flue,

I could not fly with fly flu.


  1. Hey that is a great challenge!

    1. Give it a try. Thanks

      1. With so many other things to do, I don’t think I will have the time, but I will try.

      2. Know what you mean.

      3. Thanks, John

  2. That’s a fly poem.

  3. You flew away with that challenge, John! HAR HAR

  4. Great job, John. Loved it!

  5. LOL. Stay well, John. Well away from fly flu or any other flu. 🙂

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