Thursday – A Little Personal

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We have been having a little rain this week. While walking the dogs, I looked out over the water and saw this cloud formation. There are three waterspouts under the clouds but unfortunately unless you blow this photo up they remain hard to see. I marked them with little arrows so maybe you can find them. The one with two arrows (on the right) is visible from the cloud all the way to the water. I wanted to show the spouts, but then started looking at the cloud and picked up three characters. To the left is a laughing man with a heavy beard. I think he has been joking around with the dog (at the top) in the center. The dog is barking at the fox (at the top) on the right who looks very concerned. I also see a number of other animals in this formation. This shows how a writer can pretty much pull something out of nothing. It could be another way of saying we are all nuts. What do you see?




  1. Shows what rubbish I am; I can’t even see the water spouts!

    1. It is the photo not you.

  2. Can kind of see the water spouts when I blow it up. At least the ends of them. As for the cloud, I see a ghost flexing his muscles and grinning.

    1. I guess the arrows didn’t help. Good one of the ghost.

      1. The arrows did, but it’s still really hard to see it in detail.

  3. Three old friends
    with a moment to pause
    their joy and their laughter
    made others applause.

    These crazy old coots
    happy and free
    a symbol to all
    of how to just be!

    That’s what I see

    1. Wonderful. Thank you. 😀

  4. I see smoke rising from the top of mountains. Beautiful photo, John.

    1. Good one Jill. 🙂

  5. How neatio. I actually see a Pumpkin’s face.

  6. Hmmm, I see Neptune trying to hug the Trix rabbit, and I’m not nuts!

    1. I saw the Trix rabbit as well.

  7. Water spouts! Thanks, John, I’ve never seen a real one. Don’t you love finding pictures in clouds? Obviously, none of us is going to see the same thing. I see Superman at the far bottom right with a fist aiming upward, and a dark ghost (both hands upraised) floating up from the bottom middle!

    1. Nice Job Debbie.I​ didn’t see them till you pointed them out,

  8. The dog is clearly visible. I love skies like this.

  9. I see the old man with the beard, but can’t quite make out the dog and the fox. I think you have a second career as a Cloud Interpreter, John!

  10. I saw the water spouts! What an imagination! That’s why you write.

    1. I wondered why. 🙂

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