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Friday is here again, and only one day left until the weekend. I am so glad football season is finally in full swing. Our house has several teams we follow. In the pros we are Pittsburgh Steelers fans. My wife was born and raised there and I was born in Detroit. If you want to call me a traitor to the Lions I accept. If you think I’ve turned my back on the Cowboys, you’re right. Say I am disloyal to the Texans. Damn straight. I like my wife and the Steelers.

In college ball my wife went to West Virginia University and I to Michigan State. We like both. I also went to Notre Dame so we like them too. (we have a very hard time when Notre Dame plays WVU and MSU). Our daughters went to Baylor University and Indiana University so we are fans of both unless they play WVU and MSU and then we have major problems)

In any case we are very glad the mayhem has begun. Today’s JohnKu talks about football.

Football by John W. Howell © 2015

Waiting all summer,

The spectacle called football. . .

Over in a flash.


  1. Always interesting to see how people pick their favorite teams. Though college seems to be the easy one. The location one always throws me though. I know a few people that have switched allegiances whenever they move or even if they happen to be visiting during a game day.

    Who do you go against next?

    1. Takes some time to find out.I’ll get back to you on that.

  2. You captured football well John. As you know, I am Steelers, WVU and Pitt (grad school). I spent my freshman year at Georgia, so even though I’m not a big SEC fan, I pull for them. I’ve stayed true to the Steelers while living in NYC and Seattle and New England with its three loud-mouth teams. For the longest time, I also found myself rooting for WVU and Pitt against UConn when they were all in the Big East. I’m glad those days are gone.

    I put some virtual WhiteOut over the Baylor and ND helmets…just saying

    1. Thanks, Dan. I understand the Baylor and ND white out. Go Steelers and WVU

  3. Your wife is a good woman ☺️

    1. Yes, she is. Thanks. Go Steelers.

  4. *laughing* The Steelers? Noooooo! I live in Pittsburgh. My family hates that I’m a Pats fan. Rats.

    1. They should hate that. (surprised they let you stay)

      1. Yes…I wear this Pats hat about. You would be astounded how I get picked on.

      2. Not surprised at all. Do your folk call you airless?

      3. *laughs* That hasn’t come up yet! And don’t you give them any ideas!

  5. Everything (good) seems to be over in a flash, doesn’t it. Have a fabulous Friday. Hugs.

    1. Seems that way. Atonement Tennessee was like that.

      1. John…! Thank you. You just made my day. Hugs.

  6. You’ve certainly got enough teams to keep your household entertained John. Last season I saw the Detroit Lions play at Wembley, as I think I mentioned previously. I recognised the Notre Dame helmet. The Rugby World Cup is keeping me busy on the sports front at the moment.

  7. So true, John. Football season always goes by so fast. Let’s GO MOUNTAINEERS! My family is from West Virginia.

    1. Alllllllrighttttt. Go Moutaineers

      1. YES! I’ve been to many games…the entire state of WV travels to the stadium.

      2. Who is in charge of bringing​ the couch?

  8. I am a Michigan State fan -Mark Dantonio was a neighbor of mine when he coached UC. We are huge Ohio State fans. We both went to UC, so naturally we have loyalties there. Oldest son went to grad school at U of I, so we are also Illini. Middle son went to Ohio State, grad school at GATech, Youngest went to grad school at Maryland – yup, we watch them all, plus Alabama. Shoot we watch football whenever it is on. Though not big fans of pro ball, but do watch the Bengals on occasion. I don’t watch every game, but I love the sound of football in the house. Best part of fall.

    1. I thought I had a complicated football life. My sympathies on GATech

  9. Ah, John, this one is a delight! I’m an Ole Miss grad (Go, Rebels!!), and my son is a Notre Dame grad (Go, Irish!!), so Fall really is the BEST time, especially since BOTH our teams are winning!!

    1. Yes. I was really worried about GaTech but good coaching came through.

  10. Ahh, another Steelers fan is a fine sight. I’m not much of a Michael Vick fan, but I hope he can step in for Ben.

    1. I would rather lose every game than have Vick lead my team. He has shown me he is a person of poor quality. As a rescue volunteer I have seen the heartbreak of the maimed and beaten bait dogs used in dog fighting. No reasonable person would condone nor participate is such a brutal activity. Mr Vick is a non-person to me.

      1. Yeah, it’s a real shame. They ought to just move straight to the 3rd stringer…

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