Thank You,Debra Mauldin for Helping Launch His Revenge

debra Mauldin

Debra is taking part in the His Revenge launch. You can visit her blog here. She has the popular blog titled Mama Bear’s Musings. Debra is also a published author with short stories published in several anthologies this year. (click to go to buy site)

debras book 1debra's book 2debra's book 3

















How Debra describes herself

Aspiring writer. Wife; Mother to 3 beautiful daughters; Grandmother to 6 (soon to be 7!). My grandchildren are my world! I’m a Certified Aromatherapist with an Associate’s Degree in Human Services. Writing has always been a part of my life. My passions are writing, reading, helping others, gardening, nature, and spending time with my grandchildren.


  1. John, feel free to email me the HTML document for your launch (if you have such) Otherwise send whatever. Best of luck!

    1. I do but the only contact I have is Google + . Please send your e-mail to Hugs

  2. John will be happy to also blog about the book…just send Sandy the HTML at greymyre at gmail dot com if you like?

    1. Thanks Patrick. Sent.

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