Thank you Professor V.J. Duke for the Assist on the His Revenge Launch

Punchy Lands

The above header is the entrance to a fabled place called The Punchy Lands. It is here that Professor V.J.Duke resides and holds forth with his minions. I have to admit I have come under the spell of the place since it is a wonderful spot to go to escape. The professor has helped with the launch of His Revenge by granting an interview which he seldom does. As with all things professorish, the interview is wonderful indeed. Check it out HERE.

I have the latest picture of the professor which was taken in a Tea Shop (don’t ask)

duke 2

Here is more about the Professor in his words


This professor would tell you a lot about himself, but inexplicably, I would end up telling you only uninteresting and dull particulars which would leave you crying in supreme boredom. In fact, you’d probably be left wondering why you had wanted to hear anything in the first place. So, I’ll just give you some dull facts:


(1) My favorite author is Mark Twain. (Even though he wasn’t professorish.)

(2) I don’t like coffee or chocolate–much.

(3) Butterflies hate me, I think.

(4) I’m never quite myself.

(5) Transposing Nocturnes–notably, Chopin’s–is dreadfully vexing.

(6) I change often. Sometimes unexpectedly.

(7) I think I collect rocks and old coins. (Preferably, nice-looking rocks with red streaks, and nice-looking old coins without red streaks.)

(8) I have a blue desk with ugly crayon drawings in the drawers that I’m not at all responsible for. The culprit has yet to be found, I fear.

(9) Sometimes I feel like myself.

(10) The professor can be mathematically explained. This is a wonder since his equation has yet to be discovered. 

(11) Pride and Prejudice scares me, but I haven’t had a nightmare yet. 

(12) I’m heartless. (I lost my heart on the plains of Troy.)

(13) The professor is a warrior.

(14) I have analysts; they keep me straight, since I tend to curve a bit.

That’s about it. *bows and his hat stays on*


  1. Heartafire · ·

    Thank you for the low down on the Professor, I too am a PL minion!

    1. You love the armor? I did.

      1. Heartafire · ·

        He’s the only one I know who can actually carry that off…

  2. Thanks, John! It was great having you, for sure. That interview was awesome!!

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