Friday – JohnKu – AKA- TGIF #JusJoJan

Friday wine

It is Friday again and I think I am pretty glad to have some time over the weekend to do nothing. It seems this week has been a blur of putting together a number of guest posts and promotional pieces. I have also been putting the final touches on the final book in the John J. Cannon thriller. I thought I was set to mail to the gracious beta readers when I found some kind of version corruption. Nothing serious but enough to delay the mailing for a day or so. It is also very frustrating when you feel you have everything ship-shape and then some other problem comes in. This just speaks to the fact that we should always double and triple check the file to see if everything is good. I’m glad I did in this case. I could just imagine the reaction to what I would have sent if I hadn’t looked. The subject of today’s JohnKu is care. I hope you like it.

Hair Pull by John W. Howell © 2016

The I’s all have dots,

The T’s all have been crossed too. . .

Typos still survive.




  1. It is a good thing that you checked that file again John. Eradicating typos is the bane of our lives. Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh John… welcome to my world. I’m sorry you’ve encountered the everyday “joys” of technical editing. Totally love the Jonku! And the image is a critical reminder to get to the store for more wine! My stock is gone from all this snow. At least the lack of “dig out” (across the area) has given me a entire week of telework. So I’ve rationed the wine and tried not to complain. 😀 Luckily the path between me and the store is clear. Mega hugs and the very best of luck with the current book.

    1. The store is calling you. I have the habit from living in snow county of having spare cases at the ready. I’m glad you didn’t have to fight your way into the office. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

  3. I feel for you. Going through ‘Crossing Bedlam’ again to make sure I cleared as many typos as I can. Stumbled onto a few bad ones, so now I’m nervous. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks. Damn things anyway.

  4. Sorry you had a rough week, John. Love the meme! 🙂

    1. It is funny. Thanks Jill

  5. Ah the joys of being let down by technology. I’m sorry for you John.

    1. It’s okay. Back on stream. (or line as it were)

  6. The JohnKu is outstanding! ….. and great idea about a heroic act! … Enjoy … Salut!

    1. Thanks Frank. Have a great weekend

  7. Isn’t that maddening? Just when we think we’re done with a project, something untoward pops up…seemingly out of nowhere! Almost convinces me there are evil sprites living on the Internet. Glad you found the problem and were able to fix it!

    1. Me too. It was a nightmare.

  8. Never try to catch all your typos – you’ll just be trying to uncross you eyes every evening! 😉 Go liberate a nice fruity red and put your feet up, John 😀

    1. I’m done. It will be up to the professional after this.

  9. I’m convinced typos get in there AFTER our final proofreading…

    1. I have the same feeling. I think when you catch them the firs time MS remembers the typo and puts it back.

  10. Sometimes it feel technology is playing games and leering when I see another typo after I s.w.o.r.e. they were done. o_O
    Love the JohnKu. Perfect for this Friday. ❤

      1. You are welcome, John.

  11. Bee Halton · ·

    I have come to believe that technology was invented to teach us patience 😉 if you want some more publicity have a look here 🙂

  12. Doing nothing?
    What’s that feel like?

    1. A small spot in time. By doing nothing I mean only writing and no editing. (I hid that part)

  13. Good piece, John and good advice. Those typos always seem to hide and avoid detection. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Dirty rotten gremlins. 😀

  14. Typos seem to survive even the most rigorous editing.

    1. Dirty rotten scoundrels

      1. Haha! You’ve got that right.

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