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Another Friday has been bestowed upon us. I think it came just in time. This last week was hectic and it didn’t help to start it off with a Presidential debate. Someone said the debates are like two divorcing parents fighting over the custody of us and all we want to do is go live with grandma. That pretty much wraps it up. The good news is the bickering will be over by November 8th and then the fun of living under one of the incompetents will begin.

It would be nice to be able to ignore government but since we have allowed the Gov to step into every aspect of our lives that won’t be possible. Air , water, income, health, food, and safety have all been assigned to the Gov to handle. Those we elect to represent us no longer do that well which causes thinking folks to wonder why they are still representing us? We can only hang on and hope for the best. My JohnKu puts a positive spin on the situation. I hope you can laugh and have a wonderful weekend.

Politics by John W. Howell © 2016

They argue and fight,

Finally one gets the nod. . .

There’s no difference.




  1. I keep calling this election a farce, but you analogy is perfect – two divorcing parents!! It’s true too, I want to live with grandma!!

    1. Me too. Thanks, GP

  2. God help us all. Perfect JohnKu! Happy Weekend, my friend.

    1. A happy one to you as well, Jill. 🙂

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    So true, John….”there is no difference.” Have a great weekend…

    1. Thanks, Gwen. Have a restful weekend. You’ve earned it. 🙂

  4. Sad thing is there is a difference, but it’s only flavor of horror. Honestly, it feels like whoever wins will either start World War 3 or their followers will kickoff a second Civil War.

    1. We have to trust that all this will drop down into the mediocre haze called bureaucracy. Thanks, Charles.

      1. Had to cringe at the ‘drop down’ part. It’s a pretty big fall from where we are.

      2. I cringed when I wrote it. Was a “dark ages” feeling not a message of hope.

      3. Think the Dark Ages will be an upgrade. This is looking to be nasty for a long, long time.

      4. We need to light a lot of candles

      5. I think we should invent one that works off sneezes.

      6. Or the other end.

      7. Might be a terrible invention if beans are one of the few remaining edibles.

      8. Ha ha ha. “Hey, Reggie I see flashing lights up ahead.”

      9. Thinking of the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles.

  5. John… sigh… All I can say is… Lucy for President! 😀
    Mega hugs

    1. She promises kibble in every bowl and jail time for abusers. Thanks, Teagan. Fabulous Friday to you. Hugs. 🙂

  6. No matter who you vote for the ‘government’ always gets in… At least these two have given the satirists lots to play with, but it’s still ‘you gotta laugh or you’ll cry’ time. 😉

    1. Lots of cry time I’m afraid. Thanks, Jan

  7. Proud to be a divorced parent who fulfills the adult role. Enjoy your weekend, John.

    1. As you should be proud. Thanks, Audrey.

  8. A perfect description of the debates. Happy Friday, John!

    1. Thanks, Teri. 🙂

  9. Loved it, John! Hey! Why don’t y’all come up here to Canada? Justin Trudeau is respectful and Sophie Trudeau is delightful. You’ll hate the cold, snow, and ice… but you’ll love our summer and fall seasons. Thank God that Trump is on self-destruct mode!

    1. I have to say everyone thinks Hillary will be better. She won’t. She is a very dangerous person and thinks nothing of breaking the law. Thanks for the invite John. Do you have an extra room?

      1. Yes, we have a lovely room for you!

      2. Woodshed I’ll bet.

  10. I like the analogy, John. I’m still hoping we can find grandma or become emancipated minors. I’m hearing The Who in my head now…”meet the new boss, same as the old boss..”

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks of the laugh.

  11. “The lesser of two evils” has never been truer. Unfortunately, I’m not sure which one that is…. Happy Friday John!

    1. Me either. Thanks, Phillip.

  12. theburningheart · ·

    I am glad the consensus from your readers, people it’s pretty much fed up with the people who suppose to represent us, but just play their own agenda. It’s time for real change, and we the people have to bring that change, not them!

    1. I like your spirit. Thanks.

  13. We HOPE the bickering will be over on November 8. We might be looking at a repeat of 2000’s Theater of the Absurd. As for me, I’d take a group home at this point…

    1. Depends on how much the chads hang I suppose. I would offer the Gov my “Hang Free Chad” system but would probably be turned down. “Who wants decisiveness in an election?” would be the comment.

      1. You’re in Florida, right? Yeah, that’s where it started.

        As I see it, the winner has already been determined. The election is there to make us think we had anything to do with it.

      2. I’m in Texas. Have to say you are right.

  14. That sounds about right John. Wishing you all the best, and us over here too come to think of it. Perhaps it’s time to swap your island for another far, far away.

    1. May be a consideration. Might have to wait to see how the succession from the European Union goes. 🙂

      1. That’s probably a good idea.

  15. Good one, John! I think ALL of us are tired of the entire process — and just knowing that regardless of who’s elected, nothing much will change, only adds to the frustration. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Yes. I think I will get a chocolate milkshake and try to forget

      1. Sounds good (might need something a tad stronger as the weeks proceed though!)

      2. I hear you loud and clear.

  16. Your analogy is perfect. I too want to live with grandma. Where does SHE live? 😀 😀 o_O

  17. Orange octopus.
    Hands all over the damn place.
    He’s the pussy here.

    1. Ha ha ha.Perfect. Now do a Hillary.

      1. Mention Benghazi
        Or those undeclared e-mails
        And watch her panic

      2. Fabulous. Thanks. 😀

      3. I aim to please. ;~}

  18. I am waiting for November to come and go. Enough already.

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