Thursday – A Little Personal – The #RRBC Writer’s Conference and Book Expo



Beginning today (at 7:00 am Central Time) through Saturday Rave Reviews Book Club is hosting it’s annual Writer’s Conference and Book Expo. Please use this link to check it out. There are events for the public as well as members of the club. This link will take you to the Welcome Page where you can get an overview of what is included.

See this star?


That means that I will be there hosting an Author booth with my books and also along with John Fioravanti and Gwen Plano  have a session you might like titled “Writing in the Senior Season.”

So don’t delay. Go see what’s going on.


  1. Sounds fun and educational, John. I hope to check it out. I’m very curious about how it’s all set up on the tech end of things. Have a thriving Thursday. Mega hugs

    1. I’m curious as well. Don’t have much info on that. Thanks, Teagan.

  2. Exciting time!! Can’t wait to hear your presentation. Gotta love these golden years!

    1. Yes, indeed. The best time. Thanks, Jan

  3. Ain’t ideas what time it starts in uk time

    1. GMT is six hours ahead. The first event starts at 11:00 so that would be 5:00 GMT

      1. Sorry stew pid do I have to pay or have to do some kind of seashel log in

      2. You have to register

      3. I am very sorry I cannot atend the conformance sub org interface problems very sorry have grate time

      4. AW. Sorry as well. Take care. 😀

      5. Thanks you to I hope it’s a suckses

  4. Sounds interesting. Have fun, John. Will stop by for a peek. 😀

  5. good luck with it

    so glad I stumbled here – am much enjoying your site 🙂

    1. Thank you so much.

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