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Last week I was able to cover one of the parks in Port Aransas. This week continues the park introduction with a view of I.B. Magee Beach Park.

I.B.Magee Park

I. B. Magee Beach Park is a 167-acre park offering camping, a bathhouse, observation deck, convenience store, electrical and sanitary hook-ups. There is also a primitive camping site. The park is named for I.B.Magee Jr. a Port Aransas resident who was known for his community support.

Let’s take a look at the central headquarters of the park.

I.B. Magee

This is a three-story structure located right on the beach.  The two structures in the foreground are cold water showers and used to rinse off sand and salt water once coming off the beach. The warm water showers which are for campers are located in the structure. There are other shower locations in the park where four quarters will get you four minutes of hot water.

This next photo is of the rear of the structure. I want you to see the stairs up to the observation deck where we will be going next.

I.B. Magee

So here we are on the observation deck, and as you can see, there is a lot of Gulf out there. Yesterday was a bit stormy and overcast.  This first view is of the beach area where the primitive camping takes place.(Off to the left)


Those covered structures are tables. The next shot shows a couple of kiteboarders at play.


I managed to catch a freighter moving toward the jetty. You can see the waves hitting the jetty.


One of the kiteboarders moved into the shot of the freighter, and I thought it was interesting.

I.B. Magee

Here is a shot down the beach toward the Horace Caldwell Pier. The close in tiles are part of the roof of the headquarters building. The pier is off int the distance.  That little blue building is one of the coin-op showers I mentioned. We’ll go to the pier next.


Here is the pier.


From this pier, you can fish, grab a meal, rent equipment. and drink beer. This is the kind of place you would expect to see a number of old timers sharing stories. Of course, the weather has to be good. I mean temperatures in the low 70’s can get to your bones.

Well, that is the I.B.Magee Beach Park. Next week we will wrap up the park views.


  1. Nice place, John. There’s pretty much everything any camper would want. I bet they do a thriving business on certain holidays and the camper has to get there early. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. I’m sure you are right, Suzanne. I wanted to ask the manager some questions but they were closed for lunch. Thanks, 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun and relaxing spot.

    1. I think it must be. Thanks, Charles. (not one for camping myself)

      1. Same here. Too many biting bugs out there.

  3. That’s a pretty complete package, John. Thanks for the tour. I’ve used those “but some hot water” showers while camping. You have to carefully consider where you might still need to rinse when the time is up. Kite boarding looks like fun but maybe the coordination requirement is a bit high for me.

    Sorry about those bone-chilling 70s. It’s 30 right now and Maddie is looking at her leash.

    1. I think it is all relative. It is now 6o and Lucy and Bailey are looking out the window. *sigh*

  4. You could probably get some book ideas from those ‘old timers.’ Looks like some great views from the observation deck. Happy Sunday, John! Thanks for sharing pieces of your neighborhood.

    1. Thanks for your comments and visits, Jill. I so appreciate you. 🙂

      1. And I do you, John! 🙂

  5. Groan, we will not be coming south this year. These photos remind me of what we will be missing.

    1. Well, we will think of you if that’s any consolation. 🙂

  6. Wow… I never thought it would be snowing at Port Aransas, but it’s really coming down… But wait — it’s just those wicked WordPress snowflakes. Seriously though, I loved this visit to the beach. Based on the empty picnic tables, I hope the residents are finally getting to reclaim their home from the tourists. Have a sensational Sunday. Mega hugs

    1. We are just starting the “Winter Texan” season. There are there snowbirds from the midwest. Good natured folks if not a little stand offish. Super Sunday to you, Teagan. Stay warm.

      1. It’s not bad here today. It was 40 when I went out earlier. No wind, but overcast. Hmmm a good day to make potato/cauliflower soup. 😀

      2. OOO I love that soup. Big chunk of bread. Yummm. Hugs

  7. 😀 😀 😀
    “From this pier, you can fish, grab a meal, rent equipment. and drink beer.”
    Closed for lunch? Please, not when I’m hungry and already there. 😛

  8. Looks like a fun hangout. It’s a balmy 40 degrees here right now. It’s been in the 20s, but we have a blanket of clouds today.

    1. I think if I were a camper it would be a good place.

  9. John, after seeing the weather reports, I was wondering whether you’d be able to get around your neighborhood and show us the sights today. I’m glad you braved the elements! These are such interesting captures and again, remind me of Gulfport. Sigh. ‘Tis been far too long since I was there, though it’s nice to revisit it via your beachy pictures!

    1. I understand missing the Gulf. I know I would if I had to leave here. Happy Sunday.

  10. Good morning, John, and thanks for taking me around Port A again. That headquarters building is quite a structure. You must have had a good wind blowing when you took theese pictures. With the waves crashing over the jetty,
    Have a great Sunday,

    1. It was about 20 MPH. Thanks, Pit.

      1. I would have thought it blew harder. Thx for the clarification.

      2. Nope. A few gusts up to 30 but that was about it.

  11. What a lovely way to celebrate a community-minded local hero 😀

  12. Love it…I’d be hanging out with the old geezers listening to their stories.

    1. Would be fun if I weren’t an old geezer.:-)

      1. Hell…I’d love to hang out with you.

      2. Maybe some day. Would be fun to visit Orlando. 🙂

  13. Temps in the low 70s…lol. You stinker. Lovely views, Butch

    1. Ha ha ha.Bone chilling 70’s Ha ha ha. 🙂 Thanks, Audrey

  14. 4 quarters for 4 minutes of hot water? I need to install one of these in my son’s bathroom – would save a lot on water!

    1. Ha ha ha. I think you might be getting some complaints as well.

  15. Since many of us have become quite impressed with Port Aransas thanks to your photographic prowess, I think you might do a sequence of the best places for visitors to stay for a visit!

    1. Thanks for the idea, John. I have highlighted a few but may want to go deeper. 🙂

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