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It looks like we survived the New Year’s celebrations and are close to the end of the work week. Since this was a short week we probably have a little energy left that we can invest in a terrific weekend. I know this week was quite stress-free for me. I managed to get my next book off to the beta readers and the edits to My GRL back to the editor. I think it as a good week. Sometimes working in a vacuum it is hard to say whether the week was good or not.  This is why having a goal or two established for the week gives you a measure of your movement. Now that these two tasks are accomplished I can turn back to getting my next book finished. Knock wood the first draft should be done by the end of April. This week’s John Ku talks about goals. I hope you have a great weekend.

Goals by John W. Howell © 2017

Once they are written,

It is hard to ignore them. . .

Goals are persistent.


  1. Great John Ku! Writing down my goals is a must. Happy Friday, John! I love that meme…so true!

    1. Writing them is the key. (Of course to us writing anything is the key) Happy Friday, Jill. 🙂

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    Goals are haunting for sure. Great John Ku…

    1. Thanks, Gwen. Happy Friday. 😀

  3. The decorations have been put away for another year and now it’s back to reading, typing, note taking, reading, posting, reading…..

    1. I feel your pain. Ha ha ha. Thanks, GP.

  4. Goals keep the body going. Most days. I really want to just curl up in bed for a 3 day weekend. Why does the kid going back to school wipe me out instead of him?

    1. I’m not a doctor but play one on TV. When he goes back you have to face the real world of fantasy instead of the fantasy aspect of the real world.In short no more fun back to work. (my opinion) 🙂

      1. Not to mention having to get up early to make food and get him moving. That might be the crux of the exhaustion.

      2. Well there you go. Of course.

  5. My goals begin on Monday since we’re still on vacation – Happy Friday, John!

    1. Lucky you. Better make a goal to begin working on the goals. :-D. Thanks, Teri.

  6. Good luck with your next book!

    And a great haiku for the sentiment you proffered.

    Enjoy your weekend! .

    1. Thank you, Pilgrim.:-)

  7. Wishing you huge success with the goals and throughout 2017, John.
    After five years of failing to meet my southwest goal, I’m trying to figure out where else I might be happy. So I guess my goal is now to figure out what the heck my goal is! 😀
    TGIF for sure. Have a fantastic Friday. Hugs.

    1. Keep that goal. I have a suggestion. Write the goal down on a piece of paper and then place the paper in something that you have with you each day (clutch, purse whatever) You don’t have to look at it each day but you will know it is there. I did this when I wanted to reach a goal that at the time was impossible. I put it in my wallet (and sat on it everyday) I know it sounds silly but I got that goal. Fabulous Friday, Teagan. Hugs

      1. That goal is never off my mind, John. Great idea though. More hugs.

      2. By keeping it with you (now don’t laugh) you get spiritual assistance)

      3. More of an affirmation then; a statement of the desired result of the goal… That I can understand. And yes, I definitely need help visualizing, believing, and manifesting. I see what you are saying now.

      4. Oh good. It does work. Someday I’ll bore you with my five goal story.

  8. Happy Friday to you. I like the idea of tightly clunching our goals. Kinda like the fat picture on the fridge idea. Every day is a day closer to reaching them.

    1. Yup. I think there is some magic in having the goals close to our person.

      1. Makes sense. Does no good when one pushes them away. Nice point.

      2. Need to get skin oil on the goals.

  9. Goals serve to keep us moving forward. Great post!

    1. Always forward. Thanks, Jan

  10. It sounds like all your priorities are taken care of John. Your new year is starting out well. Have a great weekend. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. I’ll look forward to the year. 🙂

  11. Happy Friday John! Wishing you much success in achieving your goals in 2017!

    1. Thank you, Lynn. You as well. 🙂

  12. Super job! Writing down our goals helps make us accountable for them, helps us embrace them more fully, and gives us a better chance to attain them. Sounds as if your 2017 is off to a good start, John.

    1. Thank you , Debbie. I think 2017 is going to be super.

      1. I like your optimism, John! 😉

      2. I’ll tell you there were times that optimism was the only thing working. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the poetic reminder, John, to write down our goals – no matter how modest!

    1. Writing down is important. (There’s that word again)

  14. This is the point where progress toward our 2016 goals (at work) are reviewed. Fortunately, I looked at mine in October.

    1. I used to love the goal review. I always made it a point to try and knock them out of the park. My last boss was a thirty something and she would discount achievement by stating the goals were not tough enough. I used to throw one in that was totally impossible and somehow got it done.We would argue and then I would get a meets rating (Marked down from Far Exceeds which was established by her peers in comparing me to all others) The difference between meets and far exceeds hit you in the stock award and percent of bonus area.

      1. Ugh, I can’t stand those managers. The partner I worked for once gave me straight “Exceeds Expectations” on every line and an overall rating of “Meets…” He said “I expected you to exceed my expectations.” That was the only one that impacted the bonus 😦

      2. Ha ha ha. Time to call the enforcers from Philly.

  15. An apt JohnKu John. I must set some goals. Have a good weekend.

    1. Yes. Set them but don’t forget them. happy weekend Guy.

  16. Whenever I knock out a goal, I try to hear this in my head:

    1. Man. It must be that goals are so far and in between that those guys get so excited. Thanks, Phillip. So funny. 😀

  17. Happy Friday and thanks for the reminder about goals. They’re definitely needed and I have to start diving into a few!

    1. Yes they need diving. 🙂

  18. Aww. Goals are like steps on the ladder. I like this JohnKu.
    First work week of the year gone already. Glad I don’t work for a living–I wouldn’t have time. 😀 Goals are what keep be going still.

    1. You are so right. Thanks, Tess.

  19. Goals are persistent. I love that. ❤️ ​What a great to 2017 for you! Keep it coming!

  20. My goal this year is;
    Do more procrastinating.
    Going fine so far.

    1. Sounds like a goal work setting since it seems achievable. 🙂

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