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A cold day here on Mustang Island.The high only fifty-three degrees. Come on you guys. To us fifty-three is a very cold number. Had to put on a long-sleeved polo shirt and denim pants. Been thinking about the Ugg slippers but want to hold off until the highs are in the forties. You know how it is with Uggs. You start wearing those things, and folks take you for an eccentric. Of course, I think people believe me to be pretty unconventional as it is. Okay, out come the Uggs but only until tomorrow. It is supposed to be back to eighty degrees. I think I’ll build a fire in the fireplace and get out some hot toddy makings. Could be time to put on the Christmas music too. Then again it’s going to be eighty degrees tomorrow. I guess I’ll hold off. Today’s John Ku talks about being impetuous. I hope you have a grand weekend.

Hasty by John W. Howell © 2017

One minute it’s black,

The next you’ve decided white. . .

How about some thought.



  1. After living all these years in India, the 50’s seems cold to me also. But then again we don’t have whole-house heating. It gets that cool here as we’re on a plateau in the Western Ghats. Have a great weekend, John. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. We have heating but try to keep it off as long as possible. (Stubborn Texans)

  2. Gwen Plano · ·

    It’s chilly in Branson, but it hasn’t dampened the festivities. Reading your John Ku, though, has stirred impetuousness and the sudden urge for a pair of Uggs. 😀 Have a great day, John, and stay warm.

    1. Ha ha ha. Mine are slippers for around the house. First sign of winter when I put those on. Thanks, Gwen.

  3. We’re going through the same old hot-to-cold, never knowing what to wear, do we open the windows or leave the AC on? If you want to wear your Uggs – do it, it’ll be hot again before you know it.

    1. Tomorrow 80s. We have few windows to open. Those that do open allowed the Hurricane water to rush in. I’m glad we didn’t have more.

  4. 53F is almost 12C, Hummmm, long sleeves, ok. But I’m still drink my iced tea!

    1. Ha ha ha. Ours is hot tea now. Thanks, Pam.

  5. Weather forecasters like to talk about wind-chill. It is the rate at which cold moist air wicks heat from the skin. What they do not mention, is how that wet gulf air sneaks through your jacket and chills you to the bone. I would rather face -15F in Minnesota than 33F and raining on the gulf coast.

    1. Thanks, Greg. I’m not sure I would trade, but it is nice to hear you understand. 🙂

  6. Some wacky weather you have there. We’re stuck at cold now. Good luck staying warm until tomorrow.

      1. I’ve stopped expecting the weather to make sense.

  7. You guys in the Deep South slay me! Winter boots for 53-degree weather! I woke up to a thin layer of snow on the ground and the temperature was 14F and going to a high of 24F today! So glad you left your Uggs in the closet, John!

    1. Yeah, but you have Molson.

      1. Very true + my Labatt’s too! Seriously, I don’t do well in hot humid weather and I don’t have to worry about guys named Harvey or gals named Irma – so I won’t complain too much!

      2. Think of all the joy of home rebuilding you are missing.

      3. Especially the shopping for new stuff!!!

      4. And getting estimates that are about two thirds higher than the insurance appraiser’s value.

      5. And relocating either inside or outside the house while the work is done.

  8. Hang in there with the cold stuff. I’m getting to venture out into sunny & low 30s. Enjoy that hot toddy!

  9. 41 here and down in the high 20s tonight – definitely good fireplace weather.

    1. For sure. I can smell the oak from here.

  10. The crazy Texas weather – winter one day, summer the next. Take advantage of the cool days. Light the fireplace, put on the Uggs and enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Jan. Sun is out a little. Seems warmer now.

  11. We woke up to a heavy frost yesterday, so 50 sounds pretty comfy. Still, I remember being in Gulfport when 50 might feel damp and pretty awful. A fireplace will help — so will the Uggs. Enjoy the brief cold, and know that somewhere, it’s going to stay cold for a while!!

  12. Hmmm – good decision to postpone Christmas for now! 😛 Let’s at least get Thanksgiving out of the way first! 😉
    Hope that hot toddy warms your cockles like the Uggs did your tootsies! 😀

    1. Ha haha. Thanks, Jan. All set.

  13. Our weather is up and down, too. I turned the furnace on for the first time yesterday. My son (who is a walking-talking furnace himself) is lobbying to put the AC back on. Probably will have to; I think we’re going back up to the low 80s. Craziness.

    As for Christmas, my dad put up his outdoor lights yesterday. He won’t light them until after Thanksgiving, but he wanted to do the work while it was still relatively nice outside. When we were kids, I swear he waited for the coldest weekend to do it. I guess without us there to help, he smartened up. 😉 And the music? Go ahead and play it. My daughter listens to it all year long!

    1. I liked your dad story. I did lights in the snow. Made the season so much brighter. Thanks, Staci. Wait is that Gingle Bells I hear?

  14. Enjoy your sweltering Saturday John. It is going to be wet and about 50 tomorrow this side of the pond.

    1. That is a different forecast for sure. 😀

  15. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    Never too early to pull out the Uggs or the Christmas music! I’ve got mine on and enjoying all the rain we’ve been getting:)

    1. Sounds cozy. Still too warm for me though.

  16. Oh BRRRR! Come visit us, John. It’s beautiful–sunny and just right. Heading out with my bare arms right now!

    1. You have the right to bare arms for sure.

  17. I’d like a toddy! Make tomorrow’s with ice. 🙂
    Happy Weekend, John

    1. Ha ha ha. A toddy with ice by any other name is still a margarita.

      1. Giggle…well I didn’t wanna sound redundant and just come out with margarita..but I was going to say tomorrow I’ll have a frozen toddy Margarita . Lol

      2. Great minds think alike. 😀

      3. Another saying, “Fools seldom differ.”

      4. Good. I like that.

  18. How did bright warm autumn days just before Halloween suddenly become cold and barren? In a flash, it changed. I’m in my LL Bean wicked good slippers. Please, no Christmas music. I can hardly think of Thanksgiving. Low 30’s now and 16 tonight. Oh, joy!

    1. Sixteen????? I would die.

      1. I’m getting ready to…

  19. We’ve got 35 here in the middle of the afternoon. I’ll take your 53 and raise you an 80. 🙂

    Happy Friday, John!

    1. Ha ha ha.Thanks, Mae. Tomorrow is 80

      1. 37 here. I think I’m getting the short end of this deal!

  20. Ha, ha! Hey, 50+º is Winter here in Florida. No flip flops on those days. We won’t be seeing temperatures like that until January or February. In the meantime, it’s 82º F. Great John Ku! 😀

    1. Thanks, Vashti. We are back to the 80s tomorrow.

      1. That’s so strange, one day in the 50s and the very next day in the 80s. We have similar weird weather here in Florida too.

      2. That’s why doing anything to prepare for the weather is iffy at best. Thank you, Vashti.

  21. We’ve gone from summer to winter with only a taste of autumn. 😦 I’ve started putting up our Christmas decorations. 🙂

    1. Wow. We wait until after Thanksgiving.

  22. John, light that fireplace and have a hot toddy. So what if you turn on the air conditioner tomorrow? 😀 Hugs.

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Teagan.

  23. I’m late catching up after a long hectic week, John. Let me just say that it was 17 overnight and 21 when Maddie and I went for our walk. I feel for you buddy, I really do.

    1. I’ll bet. No matter it is 79 right now.

      1. It’s 37 here, heading to 14 tonight.

      2. Yes, 14. With the wind they say it will feel like 5. I’ll sit this one in. This is very early for this kind of cold. Back in 40s and 50s this week.

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