Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy and Bailey Face the Elements

“Hey, Boss.”

“Hi, Lucy. What’s up?”

“Um. Do we have to go for a walk today?”

“What’s the matter? We always go for a walk.”

“The wind chill is in the thirties.”

“Oh, come on you big sissy. You have fur after all.”

“Well ask Bailey. She’ll tell you.”

“Is that right Bailey?”


“Pops. it is a little cold out there.”

“Aw, come on you two. Let’s go.”

“This is not going to be fun, Boss. I’m just sayin’.”

“You have to buck up, Lucy. Look at Bailey.”

“Hey, Lucy. Do you see what I see?”

“My eyes are frozen shut. Tell me.”

“It’s a grader down the beach. Oh, Maddie’s papa is going to like this one.”

“Who wee. The wind is a little stiff, Lucy. Hang on to your ears.”

“I see you are right Bailey. Look the other way. There are front loaders too.”

“What are they doing?”

“They are grooming the beach. Taking sand and putting it back in the water.”

“What? I can’t hear you. This wind is crazy.”

“Look the other way. Just do it.”

“For heaven’s sake, Bailey. I’m freezing. We need to get going.”

“Okay, you lead I’ll follow.”

“Come on, Bailey. Run down here and take a look at that thing.”

“Okay, I see what you mean. That thing sure is noisy. Why does it beep like that when it backs up?

“That is so the slow-witted among us won’t get run over. It’s called a back-up signal. It only makes that noise when it backs up and it is the law.”

“You would have to be pretty dumb to stand behind that thing in the first place.”

“Human regulations for humans. Need I say more?”

“Well, this has been exciting, Lucy. I don’t know about you but that couch is calling my name.”

“I hear it too, Bailey. Let’s grab the humans and head back. I wonder if there is bacon today?”

“Naw you wouldn’t know these two are carnivores. Yogurt and apple for breakfast.”

“Yogurt is tasty.”

“Yeah with some turkey stirred in.”

“Never happen, Bailey.”

“I can dream. Let’s go.”


  1. Yogurt and turkey? Yikes! Loved this, John. I’m with Lucy and Bailey…so ready for spring.

    1. I’m ready for spring as well. We have more cold heading this way. They are projecting at least five days of no sun. UGH. Thanks, Jill. Stay warm. 😀

  2. They make a good point. There’s always a couch or bed calling for us. We should learn from Lucy and Bailey’s example and answer the call.

  3. I can understand Lucy and Bailey not wanting to go out in the cold. I am done with it. 40 days until Spring (not that I’m counting).

    1. Ha ha ha. thanks, Michelle.

  4. Gwen Plano · ·

    Gosh, I relate to the girls; it’s too cold to go outside. But, the glimpse of the beach being prettied is exciting. Spring must be on its way – at least for southern Texas. 😀

  5. “Human regulations for humans….”

    I am totally with them on that one, John. I was checking out of the grocery store last Friday, and the guy was backing the electric cards over to their charging station and they beep in reverse.

    Maddie would stay out all day when it gets up to 30. She was out tromping through the ice-covered snow this morning and it was 11. And Bailey is right, I’d stay out all morning watching the heavy equipment.

    Love the expressions and the conversations. So dog!

    1. Thanks, Dan. We have a couple of weenies here. I think a stint up North would be good for their constitution. Well maybe not. 😀

      1. I have a separate email from Lucy. She says ‘no’

      2. She also told me no. Ha ha ha.

  6. Saved this email for last because you and the girls always make my day. 🙂

    1. Aw. Thank you, Staci. 😀

  7. Reblogged this on Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti and commented:
    Excellent entertainment as Lucy and Bailey take the Howells for a nice walk on the beach – by John W. Howell. Please share.

      1. You’re most welcome, John. I love the way you show us interesting things about your home, your relationship with Lucy and Bailey, and surroundings through these stories. Bravo!

      2. Aw. Thank you so much.

  8. They don’t look very excited for their walk. Backup alarms are all over when I worked at the mines. They even put them on pickups. I beeped once when a secretary backed away from a copy machine. She was a good sport about it. Probably make headline news today. (I can never run for office now.)

    1. Headline news? You would have been lynched on the spot. Ha ha ha. At the time I’m sure it was a laugh.

  9. I’m with the girls. As beautiful as the beach is, when it’s that cold I’d rather be snug and warm inside. And as much as I like yogurt, bacon for breakfast sounds awfully good.

    1. We love bacon but it is usually a once per week thing.

      1. That’s us too!

      2. Devil’s own food.

  10. My favourite blog post of the week. Bailey and Lucy really didn’t look happy with the cold wind.

    1. They were not for sure. They are such prima donnas.

  11. ‘My eyes are frozen shut.’ Glad I didn’t have a drink in my mouth when I read that.

    1. Ha ha ha. Thank you Teri. I think you are the only one to catch it. 😀

  12. What a day… I’d rather be on the cold windy beach with the dogs.
    A particularly enjoyable dog-walk today, John. Loved it from “hang onto your ears” to “Maddie’s papa” — I admit it took me a while on that one, but I eventually caught on.
    I think the girls had more fun than they let on. Hugs!

    1. They did. They love the grader mounds. They’ll run up and down them like they are the tallest hills. 😀

      1. Their version of a leaf pile or “Mt. Maddie” I guess. 🙂

  13. Love it, human regulations for humans 🙂

    1. Can you imagine explaining some the OSHA rules to a dog?

  14. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    The picture of the walkway going to the beach is beautiful! I enjoyed seeing the tractor on the beach…you dont see that everyday. I have to agree about bacon for breakfast too:)

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Denise. Now I want some bacon. Yes the machines are a different sight for sure.

  15. This post and these photos make me feel the cold there. Brr!

    1. Yes. We South Texas types are not used to this.

  16. Wind chill in the 30s for south Texas sounds dreadful, John. The girls have the right idea, curl up on the couch for a snoozle!

    1. Yes. Good idea for sure.

  17. Sigh! I miss my boxers (Dogs not shorts) I’m sending you warmth from our Australia heat-wave. Autumn is just a breath away. I prefer autumn and spring, ’cause I’m way too scrawny to handle the icy cold temperatures we get here west of the mountains. Loved this post, my friend.🐶

    1. Thank you, Soooz. Stay cool.

  18. All because Boss wanted to see the graders at work. What those two go through just to make him happy. … and then no turkey!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Frank.

  19. I am with the girls! It has been too chilly! Great way to bring them in and showcase what is going on on the beach. Looks good! Maybe we will have some sun tomorrow! Cheers for the weekend.

    1. Cheers. I haven’t seen any today. Thanks, Jo

  20. Looks pretty chilly still, John. The beach looks good after the grading.

    1. It does for sure. Also they put the sand back so it can blow back again. It is a way to keep the beach intact.

  21. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    It’s a blustery day on the beach for Lucy and Bailey… 😛

  22. Ahh John, the poor puppies, they don’t even have thick fur. You need to get the some warm coats.

    1. They have warm coats but the temp wasn’t low enough to wear them.

  23. These two are the best!

  24. I loved this post, which I found thanks to John Fioravanti! A much needed bit of humour at the end of a long day … thank you!

    1. Aw. Thank you so much, Jill. Did John give you a Molson for the road? If not here is a margarita. Thanks for the visit and the follow.

      1. No, John didn’t give me one, but thank you so much for the margarita! It’s more to my liking anyway 😉 I see your comments on David’s posts sometimes and had been meaning to check out your blog for a while, but just never got to it. I’m grateful John introduced us!

      2. I am grateful as well. 😀

  25. As always, the pictures and dialogue are awesome. I agree with these two, though. When it’s cold outside, it’s time to stay inside!

    1. Yes it is. I think Texans can take anything but the cold.

  26. LOL! I’m with the dogs let’s just stay in! That’s a big job getting the sand back in the sea. It seems strange to be putting all that sand back in the sea when it’s just gonna come right back out. 🙂

    The images and dialogue are great. Hope you have a great week-end.

    1. Thank you, Deborah. If you don’t put it back then eventually there will be none on the beach and all in the dunes. Our tourists wouldn’t like that. 😀

      1. That is what we think. I wonder what happened a thousand years ago. There was no one to put the sand back yet it is here.

  27. Those two are so funny.

    1. They are. Thanks, Cheryl

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