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Friday is here again. (yay) This week has been busy. I’m doing a beta read, and it is an excellent book. My only problem is getting enough time to sit and read. I think we all know what that’s like. I usually read at night before going to sleep, but the timetable on this book is such that my average pace is a little too slow. So it will be a photo finish. I’ve planned to wrap my day as fast as possible to spend quality time with this piece.

The Contract came back from the editor and so now it is time to do the fine tooth comb read to make the decisions necessary on the excellent suggestions. What I like is we plan to publish the book in June so we can take the time to do the job right. This reminds me to pen a JohnKu that talks about doing the job right. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Question by John W. Howell © 2018

A job worth doing,

Is worth doing the right way. . .

So which way is right?


  1. Its great that you think the editor’s comments are excellent, so you can learn while you are revising. Please tell me what a JohnKu is.

    1. My editor teaches me all the time. She has a very effective manner. 😀

  2. OH: I have just read some of your past posts and figured out that a JohnKu is a haiku done by John, right???

    1. Yup. One of my readers labeled it as such so I kept it. May not conform to classic definition of Haiku but the 5-7-5 convention is there. Thanks, Ronnie.

  3. It’s great you have plenty of time to do the revision. I love the meme up top. Have a great weekend, John. 😀 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. 😀

  4. I find myself asking that question often. Happy Friday, John! It’s been a long week!

    1. Well, you are eight hours till parent time. so I think you may make it. 😀

      1. I had extended parent time after work today. We celebrated my mother’s 79th birthday. 🙂

      2. Aw, Happy Birthday, Mom. 😀

      3. Thanks, John! 🙂

  5. That’s a great picture. 🙂 Good luck with the beta-reading.

    1. Thanks, Charles.

  6. Wishing you the best with fine-tuning The Contract and also on finishing your beta read. I read at night too, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours to get in all the chapters I want to.
    Happy Friday, John!

    1. Thanks, Mae. I think we ought to re-allocate the day. Maybe tack on 6 or so at the end.

  7. Nice job . . on both counts!

    1. Thank you, Marc.

  8. I love the idea of having time to do it right. You already had a great story. Excited to see it released.

  9. I’m with you and Mae – I need more hours in the day. Happy Friday, John!

    1. Thank You, Teri. 😀 Happy Friday to you as well.

  10. Ah – there’s the rub! Sometimes the only right way is your way! 😀
    Good to hear that you’ve got plenty of time for the hone and polish phase for The Contract 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jan. 😀

  11. You sound busy, John. Makes me admire you all the more for diligently sticking to your word count! Happy Friday!

    1. Am busy. Thank you, Debbie.

  12. Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions. Have a great weekend, John.

    1. Yup. Thanks, John

  13. That’s the eternal question John. It’s always easier to identify the wrong way (before and after the fact), isn’t it?

    1. The wrong way always seems easiest for some reason. Thanks, Dan

  14. Great Johnku. June is still some way off. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you, Guy. You as well.

  15. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    I love the line “so which way is right?” …sums it all up perfectly:) I’m very excited to see the final verison of The Contract. Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you, Denise. We certainly appreciated your help.

  16. I realte to the meme, John. Crystal just had her vet check up and I almost couldn’t catch her for it. While I was on the phone cancelling, she came out and i grabbed her. Broke my necklace trying to get her back claws loose from the carpet. Still picking up beads… So here’s to that foamy goodness in the meme. o_O
    A profound and lovely Johnku TGIF hugs.

    1. my goodness, Teagan. That whole scene sounds like something out of one of your stories. Yes let’s have a couple of barley pops. Hugs. 😀

      1. LOL never let it be said that they don’t understand what we’re saying. Fingers crossed for good blood test results. Cheers.

      2. Fingers crossed too. Hugs

  17. I don’t exactly do my job the traditionally “right” way… but I get the job done and I have a plaque to prove it, so who cares, right?

    1. As long as you have a plaque all is good.

  18. I like your version of TGIF! Happy reading and a good weekend!

    1. Thank you, Jo. 😀

  19. Have fun revising so long as you don’t have to watch the clock. Happy Friday, John. 🙂

    1. I know right? I hate time pressure.

  20. It’s much easier to do a job right the first time, than to have to go back and try to fix a bungled mess.

    1. So true, Jan. You have to wonder why we don’t do it right the first time every time. 😀

  21. Enjoy finishing up our book – I’m there myself and don’t enjoy this part, unfortunately. As for the last – a job is not worth doing… – boy, did I every hear that from my parents! Right was always what they made it!

    1. Thanks, Noelle. Yes our parents said that a lot. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Traci.

  22. A jolly good question, John. Everything in life takes time and effort.

    1. it does. Everything worthwhile. Thanks, Robbie.

  23. Happy reading John.

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks.

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