Views of the Neighborhood – Spring Break II

Spring Break

Here is a shot of a foggy Saturday morning. A few cars and campers. This is looking North.

Another Saturday morning shot looking South.

Spring Break

The same shot looking North in the afternoon

South. The cars are two deep as far as the eye can see.

Down at the sand level, we have the Game Warden looking for drugs

The police asking a crowd to move on.

Only in Texas would you see calf roping on the beach

The Game Warden is the highest level of Law enforcement in the state.

This shot is through the windshield of our golf cart. I just had to have a picture of that ugly truck.

I liked the shot of the dog which I thought was cute.

Now we are into the heart of darkness. Can you feel the bass?

More carrying on. Notice the person in the unicorn head. “Yes, you with the green beads. Do you have a question?”

No spring break day would be complete without an EMS run or ten.

Another familiar scene a State Trooper giving a field sobriety test. Public intoxication is a crime in Texas.

I thought I would throw in a shot of the local gentry taking in the scene.

Let’s leave the tour looking at an excellent, mild, and  portable game of beer pong.



  1. Great event, dear John! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Great is all in the eyes of the beholder. Thanks, Marie.

      1. Almost, dear John! Most of all I liked the spirit your photos pass. The spirit of life!

  2. It looks like a good time was being had. It also looks like someone will end up in that lockup you showed us pictures of earlier ending up with dad coming to bail them out. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. I think you are right, Suzanne. Thank you.

  3. Great photos, John. I think the one with the unicorn head and guy with the green beads is classic. So, you have a golf cart? Is that what the locals use for cruisin’ on the beach?

    1. Yes we have a souped up golf cart. By souped I mean stronger engine and a lifted chassis to get through the sand. (Bigger tires too.)

      1. That is so cool! Do Bailey and Lucy enjoy rides?

      2. They hate it. Don’t really know why either.

      3. Wait! 10 Things Not To Do While Riding a Golf Cart. Maybe?

      4. Did that one. (Can’t remember when though.)

      5. That makes two of us!

  4. That sure is an ugly truck! Even when I was that age, I didn’t enjoy being in the middle of large gatherings…especially when alcohol was involved. I hope they pack up soon, John. Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you, Jill. We think they will all leave today. (knock wood)

  5. Public intoxication is a crime? Wow, I just had to adjust my whole sense of Texas. Great pictures John. Do you walk the girls amid that scene? I don’t adk about what you were wearing. Anything seems appropriate.

    1. We only walk during the morning when everyone is passed out. I look overdresses always

      1. Ha ha – not that you’re looking for any particular action, but I would think Lucy would be a chic-magnet 😉

      2. So true. She gives a butt wiggle and everyone falls in love. (Except me)

      3. Ha ha. I can see that

  6. wow! I hate crowds. The beach is so lovely with just a heron or two. Sigh . . .

    1. I know right? We have plenty of those peaceful days as well.

  7. Wow John, it must feel like a totally different place when all of these people show up for spring break! They are allowed to park on the beach?

    1. Yes Lynn. Park and drive. Maddening. Of course, we knew that before settling here. It is only a problem on holidays.

  8. That looks messy. Hope the beach isn’t too cluttered soon.

    1. Ha ha ha. It is messy. Thanks, Charles.

  9. I cannot believe that it is permitted to drive on that beautiful beach. No cars are allowed on beaches in Nova Scotia. I hope you survive spring break John. It would get on ‘my last nerve’.

    1. This is the Great Republic of Texas where there are certain God given rights. Totin’ a pistol, eaten’ barbecue, and driving on the beach. Every time the proposition comes up to forbid the latter it gets voted down. My last nerve has been sat on for the last week.

  10. Heart of darkness is a good description. Personally, I’d go for Dante’s fourteenth circle of hell, but that’s just me.

    I’d tell you it looks like that here, but I don’t know. At this point, my only experience of the spring break crowd has been coping with all the vehicles with Oklahoma, California, and New Jersey plates heading south, to to the beach, at thirty miles over the speed limit. Even without a beach to patrol, local law enforcement has their hands full with drivers who seem to forget they’re cruising through someone’s town.

    1. We have the midwest “Winter Texans” in the winter months. They have a habit of five miles under so I guess we are lucky. When you see a pickup with dual back wheels you can lay money it has a North Dakota plate.

  11. A polite note from the folks along the Minnesota/Iowa border: could you people dial down the volume a bit? Even the deer up here are stumbling around blurry eyed and cranky from lack of sleep. I know, I know, some of those kids are ours but we were hoping for a little peace and quiet.

    1. Ha ha ha. Great message Greg. Thanks. 😀

  12. Gwen Plano · ·

    The Game Warden must earn his keep over Spring Break. Great photos 😀

    1. They sure do. Thank you, Gwen.

  13. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    Here’s how the Gulf Coast Texans celebrate mid-March… 😀
    In contrast, here in Cornwall, UK we have the snow back again! rolls eyes 😛

    1. Thanks, Jan. Sorry about the snow.

  14. Wow… better you than me! I hate crowds like that – noisy, boisterous, drunk… hey, that looked something like the thousands of university kids gathering on Ezra Street in Waterloo for a gigantic outdoor St. Patrick’s Day party yesterday. There are a ton of student residences on that street and kids from all over Ontario and even New York State come for the Mass Drunk. I feel your pain, good sir!

  15. Public intoxication is illegal in Texas?


    1. Believe it or not.

      1. I’ll take your word for it, John. But I mean . . what is life coming to in Texas? . . .

      2. I know right? Can still tote guns though.

      3. I never understood the mixed signals that society dishes out. Like . . don’t drink by yourself. Sooooo, when you drink in public and make a little bit merry, that’s wrong too? lol

      4. Well, the over served rule was probably put in place after some drunk threw up in the judge’s top down convertible. (on the driver’s side)

      5. Haha! Ain’t that the truth. It’s always funny until someone loses their cookies. Or their Coors Light. Both . . .

  16. If you were playing golf that close to the ocean, John, you must have lost a good number of golf balls to the water. 😊 People can’t wait to get out there!

    1. Thank you for the visit, Joy. Always a pleasure. 😀

  17. I thought Texas Rangers were the highest level of law enforcement in the state, John?

    1. You are right in terms of pecking order, however the Game wardens have search and seizure rights that the rangers do not possess. I still believe they have the most power even though the Rangers have law enforcement oversight responsibilities.

  18. I completely understand why you dread spring break every year.

  19. John, I so sympathize. When I was on the Miss. Gulf Coast, we, too, had Spring Breakers. I know they’re just kids, but surely somebody instructed them in how to behave and dress in public, right? Glad to see law enforcement is on hand to protect the natives — they’re going to need a break when all this crowd flies off! Hang on — ’tis almost over!

    1. Today has been the calmest. Yesterday the kids started throwing beer bottles at the police. What kind of crazies do that?

      1. “Crazy” is right. I can understand their need for a spring break, but perhaps they should be encouraged to do some good instead. Like going to hurricane-stricken areas and helping rebuild.

      2. That would be great. We did have a group come clean up the cemetery last fall.

  20. My envy knows no bounds! 🙂 ♥

    1. Thanks, Billy Ray.

      1. Peace and Quiet coming up for you! Don’t despair! Just kids being kids – that you would like to choke! 🙂 ♥

      2. The latest was tossing beer bottles (which are forbidden on the beach) at police officers

  21. It looks like a fun scene, but I’m appalled that they let people drive their cars on the beach!

  22. Applesauce… Suddenly having the floor replaced doesn’t seem quite as noisy.
    Yepper, that is a truck (face) only mama Bigfoot could love. Super cute comments about Lucy. Hugs!

    1. That was the ugliest truck I’ve seen for some time. Thanks, Teagan

  23. I can’t get over seeing so many vehicles on the beach. That’s very new to me. Meanwhile, I can’t imagine some of the sights you’ve seen from your balcony!

    1. Major events to fortify the love of masses of people. 😀

  24. So did you win? The beer pong, I mean.

    1. Ha ha ha. The kids thought I was an old codger. They wouldn’t let me play.

  25. I hope these people take all their rubbish with them when they leave the beautiful beach, John? With cars parked two deep, do they leave large enough gaps so the cars in front can get out?

    1. The front cars ask those behind to move. Some take the rubbish and some leave it.

  26. I bet you’re looking forward to Spring Break season being over. I know I would be!

    1. I am looking forward for sure, Rhonda. Thank you.

  27. A Spring Break trip without all the regret. Thanks 🙂

  28. Great photos, John, and calf roping on the beach made me smile. I’m not into crowds, either, so I’d head in the opposite direction. I wonder now what the beach looks like when everyone has gone…is it trashed or are they responsible in cleaning up after themselves? 🙂

    1. No the city crews come through and pick it all up. You don’t want to see the mess. Thanks,

  29. I’ve never liked crowds, especially drunken, wild ones. How long does this event go on? With different schools letting out at different times, you could be in for a long spring. Sounds like a good tie for a week in the city, but stay away from Austin.

    1. It is pretty much over, Michelle. Our daughter lives in Austin and it is a worry for sure. Thanks,

      1. I am sure it is. Praying they solve this quickly.

      2. John, I woke up to the news this morning that our prayers were answered.

      3. It seems that way, Michelle. Let’s hope no one else is involved. Thanks for your concern.

  30. I hope they’re gone by now, and the beach is back to its pristine, peaceful, blissful self for you and the critters to enjoy again!

    1. It is all back to normal. Thank you, Deborah.

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