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Age is as Age Does

I am busily working on my second novel. Well actually it is the third, but if you read the “About” page you will understand that my first is holding the laundry room door open. It is the printed first draft manuscript of my very first book and at 110,000 words it keeps the door from […]

Greenbrier is as Greenbrier Does

I was doing some serious writing this week and figured out how to get my character away from Arlington National cemetery to a secluded spot where the guys who are trying to kill him won’t have an easy task finishing the job. Unfortunately a person had to get shot by a sniper and the Secret […]

Literary Holiday is as Literary Holiday Does

I was again surfing the net (sigh) looking for Fiction Favorites material and stumbled on to the following blog written by the staff writers at I thought the blog was the kind of thing that needs to be republished since it was originally put up in July 2010. You can click on the various holidays […]

Calendar is as Calendar Does

Hardly seems possible that April is upon us already. It seems like we just got the Christmas tree put away and the Easter Bunny has come and gone. I don’t know what it is about the spring but it feels like a lot of good stuff happens this time of year. (Let’s not consider April […]

Sunshine is as Sunshine Does

I was nominated for this award by ioniamartin Thank you very much Ionia. Her readfulthingsblog is a wonderful place to visit. You will learn something, laugh at something or sympathize with something each time you go. Here are the rules to accept this award: Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. (Yup […]

Spotlight is as Spotlight Does

All the hullabaloo is over and the Oscar winners have been announced. What is needed now is the recognition that Hollywood gave out some of the biggest awards for movies that were adapted from stories or books. Yup that’s right. This year, unlike last, the biggest prizes went to actors and actresses who appeared in […]

List is as List Does

As you can see I love lists. I stumbled across the Modern Library’s governing board’s list of the greatest books of the twentieth century.  The board members were: Christopher Cerf, Gore Vidal, Daniel J. Boorstin, Shelby Foote, Vartan Gregorian, A.S. Byatt, Edmund Morris, John Richardson, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. and William Styron. This list was […]