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Friday here at last. We finally have been getting some rain. The Gulf looks like a boiling pot of navy beans, and the water is right up to the dunes but at lease our reservoirs are getting an excellent refill. This week saw a bunch of book activity. I have a tour starting with 4Wills Publishing on November 6th and did manage to get the posts written. I am currently in the process of updating all the various places where you can list your book for free. When I introduced My GRL back in 2014, I was a younger man. Right now my eyes hurt from squinting at the update various forms. I am happy that all is going according to plan, and I will be sending an e-mail out soon to those nice folks who offered to help spread the word. I plan to announce the launch of His Revenge on November 1st so the month of November will be pretty occupied with launch activities. Today’s JohnKu talks about being prepared which is a good idea when it rains or when launching a book. I hope you like it.

Prepare by John W. Howell Β© 2105

Just in time is fine,

Better is to plan ahead. . .

To avoid a miss.


  1. Exciting news!!!

  2. A little more than a week and you can kick up your heels and relax. At least you won’t be squinting at edits. Now, how exactly does the Gulf look like a boiling pot of navy beans? I’ve never seen either.

    1. Well, it looks like a pot of water boiling with whitecaps. I have a photo but can’t figure​ out how to put it in the comments.

      1. I haven’t figured that out either. Hopefully it sticks around for the Sunday post. πŸ™‚

      2. I think I’ll pop it in as an extra if not boiling for Sunday.

  3. Looking forward to that email! πŸ˜‰

  4. Great news, I say. Being prepared–tis a must.

  5. I can relate to the squinting eyes, John. Mine are often so blurry, I can’t see a thing. Great picture!

    1. I had to laugh out loud when I came upon the photo. So funny (a bit close to home but funny)

  6. A wonderful, but busy time, John. Fine JohnKu. Captures this moment. πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. You are more than welcome, John. πŸ™‚

  7. Love how your JohnKu captures the emotions from two very separate things — Best wishes, both for staying dry from all the bucket-loads of rain predicted and for much success launching your baby into the world!!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie.

  8. Good Johnku. It has evidently been a busy week John. At least the rain will stop you from being tempted away from your desk. We’re lucky to have modern, eye-friendly computer screens. I could never have spent all day staring at a 80s – 90s one. Hopefully you will be able to make time for a margarita.

    1. I agree about the old screens. Margarita in six hours.

  9. Well said John.
    I heard something about a hurricane bearing down on Mexico, but I didn’t hear whether it was the Gulf or the Pacific. I hope all you get is rain.
    LOL, boiling pot of navy beans — love it. Hugs!

    1. We are going to get the rain but the hurricane itself is going to get torn apart in the Yucatan and become a tropical storm. (so they say)

      1. I’m relieved to hear that. “See” you on Saturday for the SoC!

      2. See you as well on more of your musings regarding Atonement. HUG

  10. The picture made me laugh out loud. While visiting family, I heard one tale after another about one of my mom’s sister’s driving skills. My mother, 92, is afraid to be a passenger when her sister, 82, drives! And congrats on getting your duckies in a row for your book launch. I’m looking forward to doing my bit 😘

  11. So many heartaches saved by a little planning… Have a great weekend John!

  12. Congrats! Exciting days ahead. Love your cartoon.

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