Views of the Neighborhood

The city of Port Aransas does not allow food trucks to operate within the city limits.  If you want a good meal, snack or drink on the quick and you want high quality there are some excellent places to go.

Tropical Snow

Here is one of the famous places. It is called Tropical Sno and is in the parking lot of a liquor store. As you can see, it is kind of busy. Yes, those are people standing in line. There are two cute signs in the window that you can read in this photo.

Tropic Sno

“Here I am. What are your other two wishes?” and “Making Mouths weird colors.”

Another outlet is the Lemonade stand. Here is one run by some young folks. They make a mean Arnold Palmer. (Of course, they never heard of  Arnold Palmer)

Lemonade stand

For some real down home cooking with a gourmet flair, you can’t beat John Shaw and his Hog Island Taco stand. Here is what he was cooking yesterday.


Sounds delicious and you can bet it is. John is a fabulous cook and puts out some satisfying, delicious food.

Here is a shot of the outside of John’s restaurant.

Hog Island Tacos

Inside was jam packed with folks waiting for their food. That’s Johh Shaw on the left doing the cooking.

John Shaw

When any of us get the craving for fresh shrimp, we go to the dock and check out when the next load of shrimp is do to arrive.

Shrimp sign

It looks like when you are reading this blog, I should be down standing in line for $5.00 a pound jumbo shrimp.

Here is the boat that brings it all in. The Polly Anna.

Shrimp boat

Well, that’s the View for this week.


  1. What better to read about on a hot summer’s Sunday morning than food and a long, cool drink?

    1. Yes indeed. The Hog Island Taco place has “Iced Latte’s”

      1. I could do with one of those right now, but my study only has an espresso machine.

  2. Those small, out-of-the-way kind of places always have the BEST food!!! The heck with the fancy name, snazzy decor and tuxedo-clad waiters!!

    1. I agree. Thanks GP.

  3. It’s still a little early for the shrimp, but I’ll be thinking of you at 9:00, John. Great signs, and some good looking menus. What time does John’s open?

    1. He is open about 11:00 and then until the food is gone. Maybe 2:00 pm. Sometimes he does special dinners as well.

  4. What fun places! I love touring your town, John. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.

    1. Thanks Jill. This place is a hoot alright. 🙂

  5. Love those signs. Though, I’m not sure if that’s a smoothie, juice, sno-cone, or liquor icee place. Does that last thing even exist?

    1. Liquor Icee. I think you may have something. 🙂

      1. Sadly, it isn’t a liquor icee.

      2. Yeah, but you could be the inventor.

      3. Experiments shall begin at sundown. 😀

      4. let me know how it goesch.

  6. This was so fun and atmospheric, John. Delightful.
    If I got uber fresh jumbo shrimp at $5 a pound, I’d probably start sounding like Polly Anna (in stead of negative Nelly) — no wonder the boat got that name! 😀 Which reminds me… I need to take a blogging break and head to the grocery store before this neighborhood gets moving. Else I won’t be able to get a parking space when I get back. Have a sensational Sunday my friend! Hugs

    1. Superior Sunday to you, Teagan. BIG HUG back.

  7. Olivia Stocum · ·

    I got to spend a week (well, ok, four days) at the beach this year. I want to go back already.

    1. I know what you mean. I am out of town four nights a week and can wait to get back to the sound of the waves. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

  8. Tropical Snow, plus liquor store, equals what? Maybe a pina colada in a paper cone? I love these neighborhood tours.

    1. I think you are on to something. Thanks. 🙂

      1. Ooooooo. I’m next in line!

  9. All I really want to know is this: Is the Tropical Sno a Pokemon stop?

    1. Ha ha ha. Looks that way. 🙂

  10. Love this slice of your neighborhood, Mr. Rogers!! And waiting on the dock for fresh shrimp is a given all along the coast. Pretty hard to get the same experience inland, ha!

    1. Thanks Debbie. 🙂

  11. Hi John,
    I think my wife had snow cones [or is it sno cones?] at some time at the Tropical Sno. And we also got some shrimp – quite some time ago – at the Polly Anna. Shrimp are another of my wife’s favourites.
    Thanks for all the tips for other good places to eat, and have a wonderful week,

    1. You as well Pit. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. You’re welcome, John! 🙂

  12. Living the island dream!!

    1. Thanks, Jan. Yes we are.

  13. Your neck of the woods sure looks awfully appetizing from way up here in Canada, John! Gots to get down there some day. Thanks for the travelogue!

    1. Yes you do. Thanks. John 🙂

  14. I love seafood – I’d be standing in line for fresh shrimp too.

    1. Yes.They are beautiful as well.

  15. That made me hungry, John. I haven’t eaten dinner yet today. Good pictures. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you Suzanne. 🙂

  16. I loved the lemonade stand I did a stall like this once with smoothies and broke my Mum’s blender when I was packing it ever so carefully away, so all the money I made went on a replacement!

    1. Oh Dear! Not a good use of funds. 🙂

  17. I love that kind of eatery! So much fun. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So fun. Thanks, Michelle.

      1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It is unbearably hot and humid here. I’ll be wherever there’s AC.

      2. I know what you mean. I’ll do the same except for dog walks.

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