Thursday – A Little Personal – Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

I thought it would be fun to give you a view of what happens when you are a tourist and decide to ignore “Flood Warnings, High Wind Warnings, and Severe Weather Warnings.” I hope you enjoy the end result of not being able to fix stupid. A good case of Schadenfreude.

This first photo is of a car parked by a campsite. The wheels are buried and looks to be abandoned given the open door.

Aftermath of Memorial Day

Here is what is left of the campsite

More of same. The people obviously just walked off.

This is a shot of a dog bed, belt, and pants. Who leaves behind a dog bed?

I had to take one last shot of this abandoned camp. They not only left the dog bed but someone’s pillow. I don’t get that at all.

Wonder where the charcoal grill is? It is right here along with a pop-up at a different camp.

Here is another swamped camp. The tide came in about 3 am so I’m sure waking up was a rich and rewarding experience.

Here is an upside down pop-up frame that I’m sure the folks were looking forward to using the next day. It is buried.

This is the piece de resistance. Trust me this is not a cabin cruiser.

We had more thrills with a stuck motorhome. The little dog is concerned

A good Samaritan decided to help pull the motorhome out with his surplus army truck.

Now we see no good deed goes unpunished. The truck got stuck, and the crane is needed to pull it out.

More truck drama

The truck is out now it is the motorhome’s turn. Yes, it got unstuck. The cost for this kind of thing runs about $1000.00. Might have been cheaper to turn on the radio last night.


“I enjoyed sniffing all that stuff, Boss.”

“I’m glad you did, Lucy. You did a nice job of it.”


  1. Why do people think sand is as vehicle friendly as asphalt? Hard enough to walk over it, so of course a heavy vehicle designed for more solid roads will sink. Though that van mess is oddly impressive. You gotta work hard to pull that disaster off.

    So, who ate a tourist?

    1. I just corrected the “ate.” Is now are. Lucy ate one. 😀 Thanks for the catch and comments.

      1. No problem. Though I really did thing there was going to be a funny ‘tourist eaten’ thing in there.

      2. Aw and here it was just a typo. 😀

      3. To be fair, it isn’t like you’re in Wyoming. 😛

      4. Ha ha ha. 😀

  2. Wow! That was quite the storm, eh? The perfect weather for camping. NOT! I hope your home didn’t sustain any damage, John. Glad to see Lucy is okay!

    1. We are all okay. It’s those annoying campers who get mother nature training. Thanks, Jill 🙂

  3. Were they related to this guy?

    1. I think this guy and my guy are brothers of different mothers. Thanks, GP. Super photo. 😀

  4. Loved these shots, John, but Lucy stole the show at the end! Excellent job – great entertainment – thank you!

    1. Thanks, John. She kept coming around wanting in. (She now thinks Thursday is hers) I’m weak. 😀

  5. Reblogged this on Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti and commented:
    John W. Howell gifts us with a series of pictures depicting tourist stupidity along the coast of Texas this week – and the last one stole the show! Please, enjoy the show…

    1. Thank you, John

      1. My pleasure, good sir!

  6. I have to go with Lucy as well, although I passed this onto an RV enthusiast I follow on Twitter. I think you need a poster like GP’s, John “There’s dumb and then there’s tourist dumb” What were they thinking?

    1. I love it. I think I will use that saying from now on. Thanks, Dan

  7. Yikes!! Don’t mess with Mother Nature!

    1. No. For sure, Jan.

  8. What I don’t get is that a high tideline’s pretty hard to miss… 😛 Also there’s a big difference between sand that’s been wet twice in 24 hours and sand that’s been dry most of the year? 😎
    Do weekenders leave their brains at home or what? 😀

    1. There is a disease here on the island. It goes by many names: margarita fever, beer flu, vodka drama, gin gout, and bourbon blues. It causes a brain freeze that only leaves once a tourist leaves. Thanks, Jan

  9. The truck drama was crazy!! A lot easier to abandon a tent/campsite, but a 20,000 lb motorhome (or there about, I’m guessing) on wet sand?!?! I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve witnessed tourists being foolish. Probably won’t be the last either!

    1. Not the first and won’t be the last. You are so right, Mae. 😀

  10. You can’t fix stupid! YIKES!

    1. Nope. Thank you, Lynn

    1. Thank you for the reblog, Michael

  11. Great, but however i love the us-american military trucks, because their sound is soooo grazy.
    OK, forget the climate change for a moment 😉 Michael

    1. I found you in the spam folder. Hopefully, this will correct the situation. I certainly want to thank yo for all the reblogs

  12. Check the plates on that car. No big deal, it’s a rental. Those campsite images look like the opening scene of a murder mystery. Good thing you didn’t poke through, no idea what (or who) you might find in there.

    1. It is a dealer plate. That’s why I left it. I don’t publish plate numbers. Those piles had spookie stuff in them for sure.

      1. Many of the rental cars I’ve stumbled across have dealer plates. “No, we don’t want the extra insurance, thanks.” I hope it wasn’t someone’s brand new car.

      2. It was a brand new car. (Or at least a used new.) Still had temp plates on it.

  13. Oh sweet God…this is hilarious! And to think that these situations are most likely the result of adults calling the shots. Priceless! Thanks for sharing, John! 🙂

    1. My Lucy has more brains than these folks. She wouldn’t stay on the beach with the water rolling in.

  14. I’m with Mae – that truck drama is definitely crazy. Some people have no common sense.

    1. CRAZY!!!!!! for sure.

  15. Maybe the city ought to half-bury an RV in the sand….and just leave it there as a cautionary tale.

    1. Might be a good idea. Then some townie would move in and make it home.

  16. Amazingly dumb! There are other places to camp other than just right on the beach. Don’t they check any weather reports or get alerts on their phones? And what trash to leave behind!!!! We are getting attached to Lucy!

    1. Thank you, Jo. Yes you would think folks could at least take that stuff and dump it. It is still there today. Lucy is my love.

  17. This just makes me laugh. Not the trash left, that annoys me, but the stupid people. What a mess!

    1. Understatement of the week. Thanks, Audrey

      1. The ones who leave trash on the beach? Yes, I do.

  18. Great job Lucy.. glad to see someone was on watch..

    1. Yes . She had the ground covered

  19. I really like the different idea of a “cabin cruiser” here! 😉

  20. Oh no! Great job, John! And that’s what’s left. Wonder how much stuff washed away?

    1. Not enough apparently, Kim. Can you see coming across a pillow in the middle of the Gulf. That would cause one to wonder. Thanks for the comment.

  21. Yanno, these images made me consider something. I’ve never seen an unhappy ending to a Subaru commercial. The Edgar Allen Poe in me hopes they visit your neck of the woods some time soon. Is that mean? Okay, don’t answer that.

    Thank you Boss. And Lucy . . . (She’s like a canine Gracie.) The kids won’t understand that reference, and if we chased it with George Burns . . still nada.

    You’re a funny, funny man.

    1. Thanks Pilgrim. The nice part about the Subaru is Subaru’s don’t cause people to get stuck. People cause Subarus to get stuck. I think I can defend that. I like the Gracie Allen reference. We do tend to think of Lucy more like Lucy Ricardo though. She always has a lot of splaining to do. 😀

      1. Haha! Clever boy. 😉

  22. The more I see of people, the more I love my dogs…

    1. Well placed love.

  23. You just can’t fix stupid, John. Nice for us that you were around to capture it in all its magnificence!

    1. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Debbie.

  24. Gosh, my Mum goes mad if someone drops a crisp bag, if she saw this all abandoned she’d go bonkers!

    1. I go bonkers like your mom. Thanks, Charlotte.

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