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Friday is here again and with it the prospect of being able to relax a little over the weekend. Only eight or so hours and we will approach Saturday Eve.  When I was working, and in my youth, I used to enjoy going out on Friday for a couple of Coronas and a  big juicy hamburger. (This was in the late 80s before I gave up eating beef.) I would get a bottle of Corona with a lime and then pour the bottle into a frosty glass a little at a time. We had a bunch of friends who would all meet at this same place. We put a title on the evening to describe the objective for all getting together. It was called “Beer, Beer, Burger, Beer.” The name stuck and at times was shortened to the “Four Bs.”

One day we all showed up, and the server explained that the manager would no longer allow beer bottles at the tables. It was okay at the bar, but he felt it was too seemly in the dining room. I ordered my beer and out it came in a twelve-ounce glass with a lime floating on the foamless top. It was the kind of presentation that could only be thought up in Northern Indiana.

Long story short, we all protested the new rule and convinced the manager that he was playing with fire. (Not to mention about ten bar tabs consisting of the Four Bs.) My next beer was served in a bottle alongside a chilled 8 oz glass as God had intended.

Today’s JohnKu talks about standing up for your rights. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Rights by John W. Howell © 2017

Your life is your own,

When others decide for you. . .

Make sure you agree.


  1. Good for you, John. I like the saying at the top. Have a great weekend. 🙂 — Suzanne

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. You as well. 🙂

  2. Yess, stand up for your rights! Love the Four Bs. 🙂
    Wishing you a great weekend, John. Friday is 👍🏻

    1. Thank you, Dina. Wishing you the same.

  3. Gwen Plano · ·

    Who knew a bottle of Corona could spark wisdom…. 🙂 Love the JohnKu – our life is our own…

    1. A bottle of Corona has much to say, Grasshopper. :-D. Thanks.

  4. Fantastic post all around, John! Of course, I love that meme! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks, Jill. Happy Friday.

  5. Good job. No bottle seems wrong for a Corona.

    1. I know right? I have no idea what that guy was thinking. He probably went to a management training seminar and got the wrong take a way. 😀

      1. Those seminars are always ruining things for the rest of us.

  6. Coronas are good, John – Molsons are better! 😉 (See! I missed the whole point!) Have a great weekend, good sir!

    1. No, I think you got it. Thanks, John. Think if someone tried to serve you a warm Molson

      1. Ugh… dishwater!

  7. “…a bottle alongside a chilled 8 oz glass as God had intended…” We know what he as doing on he 7th day. Good advice, John. Extra good to be able to stand up for what you know is right.

    1. Small things matter. Thanks, Dan

  8. You chose a good battle to fight, and won, John – Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you. Teri. 🙂

  9. Four B’s. 🙂 Oh to have been a fly on the wall for those gatherings. I’m sure there was some great content for a novel that was shared. 🙂 I love the saying. So often we give our power away to others and let them determine what we are gong to do. I declare today to be “Take Back Your Power Day!!

    1. Good idea, Jan. What did you take back today? I grabbed the remote.

  10. Those sound like fun Friday gatherings. Happy Friday, John!

    1. They were. Thanks, Mae.

  11. Good times, John! It never ceases to amaze me that some folks will grumble about perceived injustices but refuse to do anything to waylay them. ‘Tis the squeaky wheel that gets the grease!!

    1. You are right, Debbie. Thank you

  12. Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand. Or was that lime in the sand?

    1. I think it was a lime.

  13. Good times. You must miss the beef John. Like the Johnku. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Don’t miss it at all. Well, maybe when I go to the Strand I would.

  14. Beer in a bottle is way more civilized that beer in a can! Good for you guys for standing up for your bottles. Cheers for Friday no matter what you drink or how!

    1. Thank you, Jo.:-)

  15. Love the story and the johnku! Happy Weekend!!

    1. Thank you, Marie. Happy Weekend to you.

  16. I love this story. Makes me miss those couple date nights. Always so much fun. A super perfect haiku. Might be my favorite haiku ever.

    1. Thank you. I liked it when I built it. 😀

    1. Thank you, Traci. 🙂

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