Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy’s Home

“Hey, Dad.”

“Hi, Twiggy. You have a good rest?”

“Sure did. What’s on today?”

“You are going to play with your sisters, Bailey and Lucy.”

Twiggy's Home

“Lucy, meet Twiggy. Twiggy, Lucy.”

“Hello, little one.”

“Boy, you’re a big one aren’t ya.”

“And I would say you are a little one for sure.”

“So how long have you been here?”

“I was adopted eight years ago.”


“Tell the truth. You like it here?”

“It’s the best. Now could you let go so Baily can come over?”

Bailey and Twiggy

“Hey, little stuff. How’s it going?”

“This is Bailey, Twiggy.”

“We get it pops.”

Bailey and Twiggy

“That bed is a little too big for you.”

“Gee sis. You are right. Wanna play?”

“Here’s the thing Twig. I need to take a nap right now. So maybe after that. ”

“We can play tag. I’ll be it”

“Okay, just for a while.”

Bailey Lucy and Twiggy

“I think I tagged you.”

“I think you missed.”

“Come on Baily play fair.”

“You can say that Lucy. You haven’t been chased around the couch ten times.”

“Okay, kids. Time for lunch.”

“Saved by the dinner bell.”


  1. Ohh John, just look at that little babe and the loving patience of her new family. I love this post. ❤ Hugs for you all. xX

    1. Thank you, Jane. Hugs back. 😀

  2. Well done, John. I see harmony!
    I wish my two would get on that well. Sadly, although brought up as a pack dog, Trevor has an overactive selfish gland!

    1. He is a terrier. Our Silky Terrier used to nip Lucy and Bailey’s feet. Of course, they would have to restrain themselves since we would caution them to be nice. It is a wonder Lucy and Bailey didn’t have a breakdown. Thanks, Keith.

  3. Oh my! This melts my heart, John. Your captions are terrific and the look on Lucy’s face in the third photo is priceless! ❤️❤️

    1. I know right. She has some laugh out loud expressions when she is near Twiggy. Thanks, Jill

      1. That’s a classic Lucy “stink eye.” 🙂

      2. Ha ha ha. It is for sure.

  4. Good to see they’re getting along.

    1. They are. Twiggy is now stalking them. So funny. Thanks, Charles.

      1. Sounds like a toddler. It’s always playtime somewhere in the world.

      2. Good analogy. You are right.

  5. OMG… Squeeeee attack! That’s so adorable it almost made my head stop hurting. Well… okay, not so much, but I still love it. Lucy looks like she’s so good natured with Twiggy. Have fun! Hugs.

    1. Lucy is like a grandmother. Bailey does her best to get away. Pretty funny to watch for sure. Sending headache ending thoughts to you today. Hugs.

  6. Twig is a natural for these personal posts! The kid has a way with the camera, tell ya what.
    And kudos to Lucy and Baily for providing the veteran leadership!

    1. They are not used to stepping lightly but are doing a great job. Thanks, Marc.

      1. They sure are!

  7. Gwen Plano · ·

    Ahhh, so so sweet. There’s nothing like a puppy to warm the heart, well, unless it’s a grandbaby. Maybe that’s next on your list, another grandbaby? 😀 Have a fantastic day, John, and thank you for the delight.

    1. Hmmm. Can you go to a rescue farm and get a grand baby or do you have to rely on your kid? Thanks, Gwen. Don’t see a grand baby too soon.

  8. Reblogged this on Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti and commented:
    John W. Howell treats us with the delightful debut of young Twiggy into the Howell household. Lucy & Bailey look pleased!

    1. Thank you, John.

  9. They sure get on well together! 🙂 Great photo story, John.

    1. Thank you, Klausbernd. They do. The big ones have to be careful which is new to them.

  10. So sweet! Reminds me of that old cartoon, “hey spike, wanna play ball?” I suspect wee little Twiggy is going to wear those grown ups out!

    1. I think she will wear us all out. Thanks, Lynn

  11. So sweet! My heart is full and my eyes are misty. Enjoy the new little one.

    1. Thank you, Staci. I think we are all in for a wild ride. All three are napping now. The games will begin again shortly.

  12. Sweet puppy! I hope Twiggy’s not too rambunctious for Lucy and Bailey. It seems like they are adjusting to their new sister.

    1. She is too rambunctious for sure. Thanks, Michelle.

  13. I love boxers and the little one must be a Frenchy:). I have two boxers they are so funny

    1. She is a Frenchy. Thank you, Lynn. We love Boxers too.

  14. Ohh, Twiggy is a sweetie! I’m so glad she’s home and settling in with her big sisters. That photo at the end with the three of them is adorable. She is just soooo tiny!

    1. She is. Has the other two buffaloed

  15. An auspicious beginning for what I suspect is going to be a delightful, surprise-filled adventure. This certainly provided some smiles for the morning.

    1. I’m glad, Linda. Tons of fun here.

  16. Twiggy’s little face is the sweetest! I’m thinking quiet naps may be a thing of the past for Lucy and Bailey.

    1. I think you are right, Teri. 😀

  17. What a tiny little cutie! It must be fun!

  18. Adorable! The girls will be good big sisters to Twiggy. You will have plenty of entertainment with this trio and new fodder for posts. Kudos for giving this little one a forever home!

    1. Thanks, Jo. She has us all wrapped.

  19. What a little sweetheart, John. She’s adorable. Lucy and Baily are going to be great big sisters, and I wonder how you’re going to do being wrapped around three paws.

    1. Well, wrapped by one more doesn’t seem like a problem.

  20. Aw, John, I can tell Twiggy is going to captivate her sisters, just the way she’s captivated your online friends. And I’ll bet it won’t be long before she’s got you and the Producer wrapped around her tiny paw as well!

    1. She wrapped us minute one. Thanks, Debbie.

  21. How adorable! ❤ Good to see that they are getting on so well together, John. Haha, I wonder how many naps the older ones are allowed from now on. 😀

    1. I think they will grab a nap when they can. They might be on Twiggy’s schedule from now on. Thanks, Dina.

  22. Glad to see that Twiggy is fitting right in……

    Ooooooh, lunch.

  23. D.L Finn, Author · ·

    What great big sisters! I especially love Lucy’s expressions:) I think Twiggy is already in charge and quite adorable. Its going to be fun.

  24. Too funny. Looks like their first encounter was a good one.

  25. Aww – she’s adorable and I’m sure her big sisters will soon get used to short, explosive periods of play activity… and then teach Twiggy the joys of serial napping in between! 😛

  26. I can see who’s going to rule the roost! Welcome to your forever home, Twiggy 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jacquie. She has us all wrapped.

  27. Twiggy is adorable. And, it looks like they are getting acquainted. They will all soon be adjusted to the newness of Twiggy and establish routines.

    1. Thanks, Jan. I think that goes for all of us.

  28. Ha, ha! OMG! Twiggy is the cutest! Is she really that pink! I want to squeeze her. I imagine she does wear out her sisters with all her puppy energy. ❤

    1. Yes she is that pink. Thanks, Vashti

      1. She’s adorable. ❤

      2. Thank you, Vashti.

  29. Beautiful, John. Twig’s adorable! ‘The Three Muttsateers’! Thanks for saving those beauties and letting us share their fun lives with you! ♥

    1. Three Muttsateers. I like it. Thanks, Billy Ray.

  30. Even thou you showed pictures of those animals, their dialogue made me forget that the animals were talking. They are charmers.

    1. Thanks, Ronnie.

  31. Awww… I love Twiggy. Looks like Bailey and Lucy are gonna have fun and need plenty of naps. Wonderful, John. She is adorable.

    1. Thank you. She is a bundle of energy.

  32. What a gorgeous trio, John. The energy of the young.

    1. So much energy, Robbie. Thanks you. 😀

  33. oh so little one ❤️👀😁 but she probably will rule there soon haha seems she’s tough 😛

    1. She already owns the joint, Ray. She is very tough. 😀

  34. I love her! She is just the sweetest little pup. A lovely addition to an awesome family. Cheers to you! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Natalie.

  35. Oh, this is adorable, John, and so is Twiggy! Now you have 3? I think I missed some posts. 🙂 Your captions are always perfect, too. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lauren. Yes three.

  36. Oh my how cute. Almost looks like a little pig. So sweet. What a nice bunch!

    1. She does look like a little pig for sure. Thanks Cheryl. 😀

  37. This was hilarious! You could make a book out of these photos and captions, John. Bestseller!

    1. Thanks, Marie. ;-D

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