Friday is here again. It seems like a very short week. But, wait, that’s because it was. Memorial Day took 20% of the week. Well, that explains it. Our part of Texas is getting a lot of rain. It looks like it will continue through the weekend. This is totally fine with me since […]

“I can see you have some concerns, Little One.” “I have been thinking of that olive tree that got frozen this winter.” “What about it?” “Sometimes these things come back.” “But the boss already got a new magnolia to go in that spot.” “Look. Just as I figured. Little green shoots.” “You sure you aren’t […]

  It is Wednesday Story Day again, and last week we learned that the Escalade was purchased by a widow and since Cortez’s men have it and it was not reported stolen; only two states of nature can exist. 1. The widow is in cahoots with Cortez’s men. 2. The widow is no longer with […]

In Keith’s words. “Using this photo (below) as inspiration, write a short story, flash fiction, scene, poem; anything, really; even just a caption for the photograph. Either put it (or a link to it) in a comment or email it to me at keithchanning@gmail.combefore 6pm next Sunday (if you aren’t sure what the time is […]

Thank you, John, for having me here today to share the news about my final children’s book, “Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories.” In Tree Fairies, I spend some time talking about the fairies caring for their redwood forest. Although I use an unusual reason that someone wants to chop the whole thing down, I […]

As I have written on past Memorial Days, all ten things not to do on this day are the same. Do not fail to remember those who gave their lives to keep us free. I hope you have a peaceful and thoughtful Memorial Day.

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be nice to have a leisurely time contemplating what Memorial day means. The day has been set aside to remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom that is an integral part of ours. We are going to keep the […]

    I was walking back from the store and heard the screech of vehicle brakes behind me. I turned around and came face to face with the FedEx van. I have to say maybe a FedEx van doesn’t have a face, but it sure seemed that way to me. Anyway, the driver tossed a […]

  It is Friday again, and time to be thinking about the weekend. For those who work, it promises to be a long weekend. Not much to report today. This week seemed pretty slow. Kept the pressure on my WIP. Had to do some research which tends to slow things down a bit. I make […]

“Okay, so you think there are squirrels in the yard?” “Not think, Lucy. I know there are squirrels in the yard.” “What makes you think so?” “I’ve seen them.” “Seen them. When? Where?” “Near that confounded bird handout thingy.” “Yeah, that makes sense, I guess. They are after the seeds.” “There shouldn’t be any seeds, […]