The inspiration for this list came from many visits to the retail world. Not that I have done all these things, but have seen them in real life. Ten Things Not to Do While Holiday Shopping 10 If you are shopping for the holidays, do not even think of stealing a parking place. If […]

Last week I was able to cover one of the parks in Port Aransas. This week continues the park introduction with a view of I.B. Magee Beach Park. I. B. Magee Beach Park is a 167-acre park offering camping, a bathhouse, observation deck, convenience store, electrical and sanitary hook-ups. There is also a primitive camping […]

Shazam, it is time for Stream of Consciousness Saturday again and this week’s prompt is “sh.” We are to find a word that begins with “sh” and then use it as the basis for the post. Also, there is extra credit for starting the post with a “sh” word. ( Ahem please notice the first […]

  Another week is about to go into history. Friday is the measure of our lives it seems. We all look forward to it even if we are not chained to a full-time job. Friday has a sense of accomplishment attached to it that no other day can share. I think if Friday were an […]

  Beginning today (at 7:00 am Central Time) through Saturday Rave Reviews Book Club is hosting it’s annual Writer’s Conference and Book Expo. Please use this link to check it out. There are events for the public as well as members of the club. This link will take you to the Welcome Page where you can […]

Today is Wednesday Story Day and the start of a whole new story. For the regulars, you know that my stories are written entirely in dialog and without tags. The reason I do this is to continue to practice my dialog so that I can make it stronger. For any newcomers, I hope it won’t […]

Originally posted on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life:
I have been collecting guest posts and stories for the last few weeks and have brought them all together as part of the Smorgasbord Christmas Party. There will be humour, short stories, stories about family and friends, music, humour and some food of course.…