“Hi, Boss.” “Hi, Lucy. What’s happening?” “Do you think you could set that computer aside and take us to the beach?” “Sure thing. Is Bailey ready to go?” “Uh?” “Wait, what?” “Want to go to the beach?” “What about my nap?” “Brother. That would be the tenth nap today.” “Okay ladies, Let’s hit it.” “A […]

  It is Wednesday Story Day again. Last week we witnessed Alice and Harriet visiting Lucas. When the two women left, Lucas seems to recognize he had a problem with them. I received a few suggestions that Nurse Campbell should have been named Houston since the last line was, “Nurse Campbell. I’ve got a problem.” […]

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I’m celebrating a book birthday today and hope you’ll join me! A Desolate Hour, the final novel in my Point Pleasant series, is finally available for purchase. I’m wrapping up all the plot threads begun in the first two novels, A Thousand Yesteryears and A Cold…

I have enjoyed C. S. Boyack’s books and am pleased to be part of his launch crew. Today I have a special guest, Lisa Burton who is here to talk about The Enchanted League his latest.  The post is yours, Lisa. Thanks for inviting me back today, John. I enjoy getting away from the writing […]

The inspiration for this list was receiving a photo of a couple who had gone on a trail ride. My last ride was in Aspen Colorado, but I still remember the experience. We were riding at 8,000 feet in the Rockies, and the sights were hard to describe. Hope you enjoy the list knowing not […]

  Last week the 82nd Port Aransas Boatman Deep Sea Fishing Tournament took place. There are three divisions, Bay/Surf, Deep Sea, and fly fishing. Anglers competed for two days, and winners were announced on Sunday. The Deep Sea Roundup began in 1932 as the Tarpon Roundup and has grown from a handful of Port Aransas […]

  It is Stream of Consciousness time again. This week is a doozy. Here is Linda’s instruction. “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “book title.” Take the title of the book you’re currently reading or the one sitting closest to you when you’re ready to write your SoCS post and base your […]