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Wednesday AKA Hump and Story Day

Wednesday is story day. Today’s story is about friends and helping others. We all want to help others and I’m sure we mean to help as much as possible. Sometimes things get in the way when we have good intentions, but don’t follow through. You know what I mean. For example, an author helped you launch a book on their blog, bought it, […]

Happy Birthday: Are You Watching Nonnie Write? Blog Tour

I am happy to host Nonnie Jules, fine author and big supporter of other authors. So much so, she founded the Rave Reviews Book Club for such a purpose. So without further yammering from me here is Nonnie.   Welcome to day 6 of my 15 day “HAPPY BIRTHDAY: ARE YOU WATCHING NONNIE WRITE?” Blog […]

Voices of Nature Blog Tour

Stars Above (alouette) Starry nights shine bright Thousands of wee lights Constellations light the sky Darkness shows contrast While clouds have gone past Suspended in time up high Pisces and Leo Taurus and Virgo Constellations light the sky Sagittarius Libra, Pegasus Worlds of tiny lights float by ©2014 Poetry by Pamela, all rights reserved. This […]

Ten Things Not to do with On-Line Dating

Here is the 42nd installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do by Marie Ann Bailey of 1WriteWay at and John W. Howell of Fiction Favorites at These lists are simu-published on our blogs each Monday. We hope you enjoy.   Top Ten Things Not To Do When Signing Up With […]

The meaning of fight

Originally posted on drinkswellwithothers:
The Boston Marathon, aside from being the oldest marathon in the world, is also one of the most celebrated. It begins on Grove Street in Hopkinton and slinks across Ashley, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton and finally Brookline, before finishing up on Boylston Street. The twenty six miles and three hundred and…

Janice Ross – Rave Reviews Spotlight Author

Jumping Ship Book Description The year was nineteen seventy-five. Barren couple, Pearl and Edward Riley stumbled upon a newborn baby girl. Her cries could only be heard by a true mother, which Pearl immediately became. Bundled up with their new child, they discovered a parcel of artifacts and a scribbled note that read: Sakkara. Pregnant […]

Friday is Haiku Day

Today is known affectionately on Fiction Favorites as Haiku day. It is also the last day of the work week and a day we all look forward to having completed. It is also a day when we can take a moment to reflect on the previous week and take stock of what we have accomplished. […]

Wednesday Story Day

  The mid-week rest period is here. It is time to take a breather and prepare yourself for the rest of the week push. It is kind of funny how a small rest while engaged in some trying work can give you a second wind. This is really true of writing. I know after a […]

Rosie Amber’s A to Z Challange and Stephen C Spencer Campaign

  Rosie Amber – An English Author Who supports other Writers and who also Writes Book Reviews is doing a wonderful thing on her support of the A to Z Challenge. She is featuring a book a day the title or author’s name begins with the letter for the day. Here is a link to the letters […]

We’re gonna need a bigger VOTE!

Originally posted on What The Hell:
I learned last night that Yesterday Road is one of the twelve finalists in the literary category of Indie Author Land’s contest: The 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14). Now it’s time to vote for the winner in each category. I need lots of help here, kids. There are…


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