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Top Ten Things Not to Say to a Puppy Owner

  The inspiration for this post has been a month of puppy raising. 10 If you meet a puppy owner, do not say, “Is that a new puppy?” If you do, at best you will get a, “yes.” At worst, the owner will wonder if you lost your mind and answer, “no it is an […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do According to Murphy’s Law

  The inspiration for this list was thinking of all the things we do on a daily basis that someone else has done before. This naturally brought up the idea of mistakes and how often they are repeated down through history. Then the thought turned to specific laws governing natural phenomena. An example would be […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do While Photographing Doors

    The inspiration for this list is the Thursday Door prompt as interpreted by Dan Antion. I have often thought when looking at his photos what would happen if certain things went wrong. So here they are, and I’m glad to report Dan has done none of these things. 10 If you are taking […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do If You Are Hanging Out With a Vampire – Book Launch by Charles E. Yallowitz

In celebration of the launch of War of Nytefall, I invited Charles to take over the Top Ten duties for today. Also, it is Charles’ birthday so today is very special. Without delay, I give you Charles E. Yallowitz. A big thanks to John, especially for letting me do one of his famous ‘Top 10’ […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on a Four Hour Car Trip Alone

  This list was inspired by my recent four-hour one way trip to Galveston. I had to keep reminding my self to avoid each of these things which I managed to do. 10 If you are alone on a long car trip, do not decide to set up a new playlist on Spotify while driving. […]

Top Ten Things Not To Do Thinking Spring is Right Around the Corner

  The inspiration for this list came from reading all the posts where folks have anticipated the first day of spring (tomorrow) only to be faced with tons of Ice, snow, and sleet. Knowing spring is here only makes the reversal in weather more demoralizing. 10 If you think spring is right around the corner, […]

Top Ten Gifts Not to Give on Valentine’s Day

  The inspiration for this list was an inquiry on Google asking for the top ten gifts given on Valentine’s day. There are lovely things passed from one to the other on the Hallmark occasion. There are also some significant landmines waiting for the unsuspecting or clueless gift giver. Here are just ten.   10 On […]

Top Ten Things Not to Ask a Genius

  The inspiration for this post came after pondering a discussion with a brilliant person.  I just wondered what it would be like to be that smart. One thing led to another, and the list was born. 10 If you are talking to a genius, do not ask them how it feels to be so smart. If […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do at a Gas Station

  10 If you are at a gas station, do not buy and eat anything not in a sealed bag. If you do, at best the food will be made today. At worst you will be lucky enough to experience emergency room procedures first hand. (Wow, that stomach pump was a real rush huh,Dalton?) 9 If […]

Top Ten Things Not to Do on a City Tour

    The inspiration for this post was thinking about super cities and the possibility of taking tours of them. There are not necessarily guided tours but just touring in general. 10 If you are touring Chicago, do not wear your Yankee baseball cap. If you do, at best people will believe you have just been […]