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So much sweat is pouring off me anyone would think I was made only of liquid, but I can’t help it, it’s the effect that the impending event always has on me. – Ever since I decided to take this path,…

Wonderful Friday. Such a nice day. Only eight more hours and we can kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I really like lime as a fruit of labor. You can squeeze it, add it to agave distillate juice with some orange liqueur and agave nectar. Toss it into a shaker and shake […]

  Wednesday is story day and today is no different. These stories are designed to celebrate the fact that the week is more of less under control. It gives me a chance to stretch a little and get away for a few minutes from the job at hand with is my third book in the […]

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Just a reminder that I’m running a Goodreads giveaway for Occasional Soulmates, but it ends on November 5, so now’s your chance to join the fun. If you haven’t purchased the book yet (and come on, you know you haven’t!), step up and put your name in the hat.…

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So, I did something I never thought I would be bold enough to do: launch a crowdfunding campaign. But I did – and it’s live!  There’s even a contribution on it (Thank you, Christopher – and no, this is not the official thank-you). Through the campaign, you can…

I am very pleased to welcome Garrett Addison to Fiction Favorites. He is the author of Minions and The Traveller and a Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author. As a Spotlight author Garrett will be touring some interesting blogs this week. (yes mine included) Go here to see the rest of his tour. Welcome Garrett. […]

  This list was inspired by observing the behaviors of my co-workers when the boss had to leave the office for business travel or vacation. To be clear, I personally never did any of these things since I was always taking notes and was a goodie two shoes. (Don’t forget I’m a fiction writer). Hope […]


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