Looks like Friday is here. At least the beginning of Friday is here. Only about eight more hours until the weekend. Today is the last Friday before the milestone marking the beginning of summer Memorial Day. This year Memorial Day is a little earlier than usual due to the last Monday of May […]

One thing I miss living on the coast is the profusion of flowers that are able to be grown away from the salty sea air. We have very few species that can withstand the salt and wind that is part of living by the water. We have tried to cultivate some standard flowering plants with […]

  Wednesday story day again. Last week we left Charlotte and Bob as Charlotte got the news that Bob has a real book he wrote on a word processor. The only problem that caused Charlotte some concern was Bob has not written the first chapter. Charlotte went out for a glass of water and it […]

  I came across this fifty-gallon barrel while riding on the beach. Although it is sturdy plastic, it still shows signs of extreme wear. As you can see, the bottom is completely ripped open. I can’t imagine how long the barrel was in the water but given all the bi-halves and algae it must have […]

Last Year Marie Ann Bailey and I did a simu-publish of what not to do on Memorial Day. I was constructing a new one for this year, and it occurred to me that last years was pretty suitable. So here is last year’s and I must say the advice seems pretty relevant. Thanks, Marie for […]

This weeks picture was taken following a lot of rain. You can see the wet sand in front of the dunes and what looks like a little river approaching the cross over. The seas are still quite rough and one more morning-glory has decided to brave the wet weather. The sea weed that was in […]

              Saturday Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This week’s prompt is “Stick.” The word can be used in any form or maybe all. Who knows? If you want to have this kind of frustration fun go to Linda Hill’s site and read all about it http://lindaghill.com/2015/05/15/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-may-1615/ here is […]


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