Weather Rant or what else is new? As I sit here writing this post, I look like a character out of Dickens. I have never been so damned cold. I have several layers of clothes and wish I had fingerless gloves. The temperature is twenty-five freaking degrees below normal for this time of year. […]

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere:
Thank you to John W. Howell for writing an insightful post! CLICK FOR AMAZON SITE Last week Charles asked me a question, and I took some time to think it over. His question was a request. Here is the quote, “tips to making a thriller hero who isn’t a…

  Wednesday story day again. Last week we left Frank, Billy and Ms. Sutter in the bank. Frank had finally put a gun to Ms. Sutter’s head in the hope of getting a car. The police had just told Frank there would be no negotiation as long as the hostages were being held and that […]

  I was outside earlier in the week, and the sun was behind some clouds. In fact, it was forty degrees so I thought I would take some pictures of a couple of plants we have around the house. The only good time to take pictures is when the sun is not shining. The bright […]

I am so pleased to have Charles Yallowitz join Fiction Favorites for a guest appearance. I lured him here with a question about character. Charles the floor is yours.   Thank you to John W. Howell for asking me this question that may cause me to take back the first two words of this sentence.  […]

Since yesterday was Oscar Sunday I thought it would be nice to provide all you Oscar nominees (You know Best Screenplay from a novel) with a list of what not to do if you should attend the Oscar ceremonies. This list was inspired by witnessing several cringe-worthy moments during previous Oscar broadcasts. I hope you […]

  Thought I would send this out even though I don’t typically post on Sunday. Had to get it out of my head though. If you enjoy the Oscars, this is your night. For others not so much. Oscars by John W. Howell © 2015 Broadcast starts all fun, Parade of Hollywood stars. . . Hard […]


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