It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday and time for another prompt. This week’s prompt is “excuse” and it can be used any way the writer chooses. To learn more go to  Here is my contribution I hope you enjoy it. Excuse by John W. Howell © 2014 “So what’s your excuse?” “Excuse […]

  Friday is the best day of the week. I’ll bet a lot of you are attending some kind of office or holiday party tonight. You may even be going to the boss’s house for a get together. If you are invited remember to wipe your feet at the door and don’t spill anything. I […]

  Wednesday is story day again. Last week we left Frank and Billy deciding to rob a bank so that Billy could get some money together since he is broke. In fact, Billy does not have a gun or a car so Frank gives him an unloaded 9MM and will do the driving.  The reason […]

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Give yourself the gift of a membership in Rave Reviews Book Club.  This is our last membership Recruiting Day of the Year.  All members are actively inviting friends, family, and social media contacts to become members.  This is not your ordinary book review club. Our membership director has lowered the membership…

  This week’s list was prompted by the huge amount of rainfall that came down in California. I used to live in Sonoma and remember what it was like when the five and six-inch rainfalls hit. Most people are not aware that most of California is a desert and the people living there rely on […]

Dive into the newest adventure of Luke Callindor, Nyx, Fizzle, & all their friends. LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: CURSE OF THE DARK WIND IS LIVE! What’s the Story? After their battles in Gaia, and surviving the Island of Pallice, the champions of Windemere are off on their next adventure. In his quest to be a hero […]

‘A Poetic Proposal’ by debut author Julian Froment is a journey of love. Dedicated to that one special woman. This is a collection of poems that plumb the very depths of that deepest of emotions, LOVE. Running counter to this is the on-going theme of angst and heartbreak that is present when two beings that […]


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