Wednesday is story day and since this is the day before Thanksgiving it feels like Friday. There is usually a story here as those of you who read this blog regularly can attest. Raise your right hand and repeat after me. (This is the attestation) I say your name do attest that this is story […]

This list has been inspired by numerous friends staying overnight and sad to say doing one or more of the things on the list. Since this week is Thanksgiving I thought it would be a good idea on posting some tips on behavior in case a visit to friends is in the cards. (Oh, I […]

  Stream of Consciousness Saturday again. This week’s prompt is “In” which can be used by itself or as part of a word. If you would like to join it go here to see the details  My interpretation is titled Out. Hope you like it. Out by John W. Howell © 2014 “So when […]

  Friday is here at last. Today’s margarita is going to be replaced by a steaming cup of mulled cider, I just can’t place an ice-cold drink in your hand when you have a glove on it. I suppose y’all have the same weather issues so we should be glad we can get into the […]

Changelings. They were the descendants of Man and Fae. They walked between worlds – as healers, mystics, even kings – but no more. He thought he was the last, alone and lost, until the day he saw them. Irish teens Maureen O’Malley and Sean McAndrew are lost in time. To find a way home, they […]

Wednesday Story day is here. Yes, our old friends Billy and Frank are the central characters again. I have had many comments on how these two remind us of Abbott and Costello. I would say the comparison might be closer to Dumb and Dumber. I find Abbott and Costello to be totally funny without a […]

If you don’t know who Linzé Brandon is (and who doesn’t) you should know her blog regularly features authors and their books. Her site is titled Butterfly on a Broomstick with a subtitle of Linzé Brandon’s blog about books, writing and creative life of a writer married to a photographer. Linzé Brandon is the pen name […]


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