Always nice that Friday has made it. (or I should say we made it to Friday) Eight hours and the weekend will be upon us. Hope everyone had a good work week. Mine was very productive. I finished some painting (no not artwork) that was needed. Having a house by the Gulf is like […]

Last week Dan Antion on his blog No Facilities ran a lovely post where he pictured and described the Enfield Connecticut Town Hall. You can visit the post here.  I commented on how nice the town hall was and Dan asked to see a picture of the city hall here in Port Aransas Texas. I […]

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Suffer from writer’s block (which today’s guest blogger declares NON-EXISTENT)? Lack inspiration? Find it difficult to keep to a schedule, a word count goal, a deadline? One of my guests on CHANGES conversations between authors (see below for more info about our Episode), John Howell, offer tips, advice,…

As some of you may know Rave Reviews Book Club is a place where authors and readers commit to helping each other. The idea is to help spread the word about available books. One of our members, Bethany Turner, gave us the idea of paying it forward, and because of her thoughtful and giving nature, […]

      Wednesday Story Day is here again. Last week we left Charlotte having as she has for some time a moment of concern about what Bob has written. She reads his first chapter that is “He stepped off the ledge and could see the end was near.” We can rejoin the two and […]

I am happy to welcome this week’s Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author Tim Hemlin. He is on a tour, and you can see his stops by visiting Rave Reviews Book Club. Okay, Tim, the floor is yours. Influences: Tolkien and a Middle School English Teacher When I was in 7th grade my English teacher, […]

  This list was inspired by listening to stories related by our house guests who had made the bar scene during the Memorial Day Weekend. All of these are hearsay and not a matter of personal experiences. I hope you enjoy.   Ten Things Not to do While Visiting a Bar 10 If you are visiting […]


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