Top Ten Things Not to Do While Cooking Dinner This list was inspired by a mishap in the kitchen which was a result of not being fully engaged in the process. I hope you enjoy. 10 If you are cooking dinner do not walk away from that pot of water that refuses to boil. […]

  It is that time again where I have to sit down and write whatever comes out of my head. This week’s Stream of Consciousness Prompt from Linda Hill is to use an ordinal number. As everyone knows who is an English teacher an ordinal number is words representing position or rank in a sequential […]

  Friday is here again and it is definitely time to lift a margarita. Well, we might have to wait until the day is over. I had an occasion to get a comment on another blog to the effect that I had not offered a margarita to this person when they visited. I need to […]

  Wednesday story day again. I can’t believe how peaceful it is here at the coast. I was walking on the beach this morning and there was not a person for about as far as the eye can see. The gulls and pelicans are about the only thing moving around. The nice thing also is […]

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I heard a great deal about Kevin Brennan’s writing talent, but had not read one of his books, yet. He offered ARCs to a few bloggers and I picked one up. I am telling you, I have really been missing something. This guy can write and write well! I…

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Well, sort of.  Actually, it’s a selfie of me with his new novel, Occasional Soulmates!  And since it’s a selfie, the title is backwards.  What did you expect from me?  Perfection?  I’m rusty, folks. Back to Kevin’s new novel:  I just received my paperback copy this weekend, and it’s gorgeous!  I…

  Kevin Brennan’s new book Occasional Soulmates launches today and I was very pleased to read this wonderful book. Here is my review (I know, I know I usually don’t do reviews on my blog, but this one is too good to pass up. You can get it  HERE. Occasional Soulmates  by Kevin Brennan is the […]


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