This weekend produced some fine photos of what I like to call Stupid First Class. I was going to run some of them on Thursday but decided to run them when we all might need a laugh. It seems the holidays produce some unique examples of Stupid First Class.  I was on my bike on […]

This list is as a result of seeing some high school reunion photos and messages on a number of social media sites. I have never attended a high school reunion, so the information captured here has been matters of here say and recounting of others about their reunion. Top Ten Thing Not to do at […]

Here is this week’s photo.   You will notice immediately that there are a number of pop-ups and cars on the beach early. This is the way of a holiday weekend. The yellow morning glories are in full bloom and the purple morning glories almost invisible. There is also a big berm of sand where […]

Is it Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again? Yes, class, it is. This week the prompt is as described by Linda Hill  “Use the word “is” to begin your post – bonus points for using it (as a word on its own or at the end of your final word, i.e. “metamorphosis”) at the end of […]

  Friday has arrived and with it all kinds of people on vacation since most places are taking the fourth holiday today. There is no need to go on about the fact that we are all glad it’s Friday since there are only eight more hours to the weekend. Heck, the weekend is here and […]

Thursday is the time to do a post that has some meaning to me and will hopefully not bore you to death. Today I’m posting a status of my self-installed screening on my screen porch to appeal to my DIY muse Dan Antion. Dan is always interested in this kind of stuff, and I also […]

  Wednesday Story day and last week Charlotte learns Bob is seeing a psychologist and hasn’t told him about not being welcome at home. Charlotte is understandably confused by this revelation.  Let’s go back and see what ole Bob has up his sleeve next. I have to let you know it will not be a […]


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