The inspiration for this list came from spending over 3800 Sundays so far and not making the best decisions always on how to spend the day. Now that this is Monday maybe there is enough time to plan for next week. Hope you enjoy it. Top Ten Things Not to do on a Sunday 10 […]

Here is this week’s photo. You can see the Gulf is very calm. There are hardly any waves. We have had a couple of days with winds below 5 MPH and coupled with the full moon the wave action is almost non-existent. The purple morning glories are pretty much spent but you can see some […]

  Stream of Consciousness Saturday time. This week’s prompt is “Ready.”  We minions are allowed to use it any way we want. Humm, I can think of a few ways. If you would like to join the madness fun, please go to Linda Hill’s blog and read up on what is needed. Ready by […]

  Looks like we made it to Friday. I think we should take a moment and give ourselves a pat on the back. Ready, set pat, pat, pat. There how good does that feel? We should remember that we still have an eight hour or so day away from the magic of Friday night (weekend […]

  I just returned from an excellent writer’s conference and have the need to change/set some short-term goals if I am to accomplish what I envisioned as a successful conclusion when I started this writer’s journey. To begin the process, I think a restatement of my original goal (mission statement) is in order. Here it […]

Wednesday story day again and last week we were treated to a situation where Bob’s mother managed to confuse Robert. He is an alternate personality created by Bob. Robert’s sole function is to protect Bob from the psychological ravages inflicted by his mother. Robert seemed a little confused about his identity and called out to […]

I am very pleased to welcome Sara F. Hathaway Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author for this week. You can visit her schedule here. Day After Disaster: A Letter Home To whomever finds this letter, I sit here writing you now, hoping that this letter will be useless. Hopefully I have found my family still […]


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