Such a good feeling when you have put your best effort into something. It is really rewarding when the result of the effort is something you are proud to call your own. One great thing about being a writer is there are times when no matter how grim things may seem, there is a breakthrough […]

This post was supposed to launch early this morning. Well something went wrong so here it is in the afternoon. Will totally miss the UK, but better late than never. The picture is of Frank our cat. He is still waiting for me to begin writing. He is like the world’s worst nudge. I can’t […]

Hard to believe Wednesday is here already, but I’ll take it. Only a few more until the weekend which I’ll definitely take. Before I get into the story I need to do a little explanation of the role of my recurring character Frank. Frank is a metaphor or if your prefer an icon for all […]

    I have received a number of complements on the dedication of My GRL. This dedication was actually written in my head seventeen years ago before I wrote one word of the novel that was to become My GRL. I was fooling around thinking I would like to write a book and began what […]

Here is the 60th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do. The inspiration for this came from sitting in several doctor’s offices this week. Top Ten Things Not to do While Visiting a Doctor 10. If you are visiting a doctor, do not listen to your tunes with earphones while in the […]

  This post is in support of the Linda Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS.  My story is titled With You. I hope you like it. With You by John W, Howell © 2014 “With me, there is no doubt of where I stand.” “From you, it sounds like you have a great deal […]

Friday is here and with it the joy of the impending weekend. Thank goodness it’s Friday. Woo Woo. This has been a long hard week. My fingers are almost blistered from sitting her pounding this keyboard for a week. I need to unwind and give them a soak. I think I’ll wrap them around a […]


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