One of the reasons I decided to self-publish was to be able to control my promotional events. I am therefore pleased to announce beginning at 12:00 am PST (6:00 am GMT) on November 30th (Tomorrow) until 12:00 pm PST (6:00 pm GMT) on December 1st His Revenge will be on sale for $0.99 in […]

A bit of cool weather here on the South Texas Coast. The temps are in the fifties which means long pant weather.  We have a little rain as well. As you can see the horizon is virtually invisible due to the rain clouds. The beach is almost deserted, and the tides are reaching the dunes again. […]

                I am pleased to host Michael P. King on his seventh stop on his Spotlight Author Tour. This kind of recognition is what every active member of Rave Reviews Book Club has an opportunity to enjoy. Welcome Michael. Thanks John, When to Start on Social Media Probably […]

Linda hill is still cavorting in japan so she appointed Pavowski as the person in charge. He has dictated that the prompt is “stuff.” and all the various derivations. If you would like to know more and join in go to Linda’s blog and find out how. Here is my interpretation. Stuff by John W.Howell ©2015 “What is that […]

  Here we are BLACK FRIDAY. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying in the house. I have to rest up for the Baylor Bear football game tonight. They are playing those TCU Horned Frogs. In our house, we have a high affinity to Baylor. The prime reason is that we sent a small fortune […]

A wish for a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Here is a fire to keep Y’all warm and cheery today.

  Wednesday story day again (already) and last week our happy thespians got a shock from Mrs. Wolfe. She laid out a plan to extort four million dollars by threatening to blow up the student union. We didn’t stay around long enough to get the kid’s reactions so let’s go back now and see what […]


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