Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This is a time for a nitwit like myself to simply let go and use the words developed by Linda Hill as the core for a short piece of fiction. The words this week is “Most/Least” and can be used any way the author wishes (heh, heh, heh). […]

  Friday is here and with it a great longing for a continuation of the Football season. Oh sure, there is the Pro Bowl this weekend and the Super Bowl on February 1st but that is still not what I would consider a continuation of the season. Once all the college games were finished I […]

  Wednesday Story Day time again. Man, the weeks fly by don’t they. Well they fly from Friday to Monday  but  not so sure about the Monday to Friday time frame. As usual today we have a story. Last week we left Frank and Billy in a little hot water.(Mostly Billy) The boys checked outside […]

    I think I forgot to post the fact that I was among the December Spotlight Authors for the Rave Reviews Book Club.(at least I know I didn’t publish the poster) This is quite an honor but not out of the reach of all members. This is one of the perks of membership of […]

  Mondays creep up on me sometimes. I guess I should remember how quickly the weekend goes and not be surprised. Needing to do another Top Ten list got me thinking about time and being under the gun so to speak. I decided to use this situation as an inspiration for this week’s list. Top […]

  Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This week’s prompt is heal/heel and if you would like to join in just click on this link and get all the info. This is my interpretation of heal/heel. Heal/Heel by John W. Howell ©2015 “So how long do I have to stay like this?” “Until you […]

  Friday at last. The weather has been so cold and miserable the days drag by. I know everyone is having a similar bout of lousy stuff this week. My only salvation is there is no snow. The rain has been pretty steady for a couple of days and at least the driving isn’t affected, […]


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