Wednesday story day is here already. Seems like a good thing to have the week more or less zoom by, but we need to remember that life is about the journey, not the destination. Would be a good idea to remind ourselves to live in the moment and make each and every minute count. This […]

  Just so we are clear, I don’t usually do reviews. I leave it up to the experts like Ionia Martin and Rosie Amber since they know what they are doing. I finished Andra Watkins book and was so impressed with the content I just couldn’t stop myself. I gave the book five stars and […]

It’s that time of the year again when certain outdoor chores have to be done in preparation for the coming change of seasons. The weather is finally turning a little cooler so the projects put off because of the heat can now be done. This list has been inspired by all the times I have […]

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise!:
First of all thank you Chris for allowing me the opportunity to talk about a subject which I have some familiarity, but not full understanding. I am, of course, referring to me. A basic introduction of who John W. Howell really…

  The Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt as put up on Linda Hill’s blog is funny. Could be funny strange or funny funny. Read about here: Here is my attempt  to cover the prompt.(Pardon me I didn’t mean to create that alliteration. I can’t go back since this is Stream of Consciousness but I […]

  Friday is here. Happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again. Happy days are here again. Looks like we may all make the week. At least we have a good shot from this point. Eight hours and a margarita is mine. I have noticed a number of posts this week talking […]

The workplace Blog Hop post by Charles Yallowitz is intended to get some perspective of what our workplace looks like.  You can read his post HERE I have just recently moved my workplace from the dining room to an actual space which I can call my own. So I am very glad to show you […]


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