Friday is here at last. Seems like an eternity since Wednesday but that ‘s how it goes in the scheme of things. Sometimes the weeks go by in a flash and sometimes it feels like a five-day root canal. Unless you have a secret answer I have not been able to pinpoint just […]

  Wednesday is upon us already. We need to feel good about that. This week’s story was prompted by the realization that our children are grown and can make decisions and determine their own outcomes. Sometimes one has to be reminded since it seems like yesterday they were dependent on their parents. Such is not […]

I am one of nine members of the 9-1-1 club for August within the Rave Reviews Book Club. The 9-1-1 club was formed to seek out and provide to the Rave Reviews Book Club high quality and sustaining members. Each month, nine current members of the Rave Reviews Book Club are tasked with finding one […]

Here is the 58th installment of Ten Top Lists of What Not to Do. The inspiration for this came from a number of blogs which focused on different kinds of bosses. Hope you like it.     Top Ten Things Not to do if You Have a Lousy Boss 10.If you have a lousy boss, […]

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Join us for an exciting week, celebrating the Release of YA Fantasy Fiction Novel “ELEMENTAL EARTH” by Author Harmony Kent. Let’s hear about it in her own words… Harmony Kent I just published my third Novel, and what a whirlwind ride it’s been! A couple of years ago, I…

  This is in response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt using the word or thought of two. The prompt and rules can be found at: A Couple by John W. Howell © 2014 “Give me a couple of those donuts.” “A couple? Do you mean two?” “Yeah, I mean two. What do […]

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Cover Art by Jason Pedersen Available on Amazon for $2.99! Listed on Goodreads! Dive back into a world of fantasy adventure with Legends of Windemere: The Compass Key!  Book Blurb: Swords will clash and spells will fly in the newest adventure of young warrior Luke Callindor, Nyx the magic-flinging…


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