This list has as inspiration recently changing phone, internet, and TV providers. I wanted to get higher speed internet, and the local phone company had nothing faster, so I had to go to a new supplier. I bought a bundle including phone, internet, and TV. Ten Things Not to Do When Changing Entertainment Providers 10 […]

For those who haven’t joined before, I plan on taking a picture of the beach once a week for the next year. The scene will be the same and the idea is to look at how things change over the course of the year.   This is picture number two. I have placed picture number […]

  A Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. This week’s prompt is “jour.” It can be as part of a word, with a suffix or as the French word for “day.” If you would like to know more about the craziness challenging weekly prompt go here Here is my interpretation. Hope you like it. […]

  This week was a doozy. I spent it all editing my fourth book and am not finished yet. I also have been working on the screen porch which badly needed an upgrade. The builder put in screens with aluminium frames and they almost melt in the salt spray. I have done replacement frames and […]

Today I thought I would post a few pictures which I took on three bike rides. These are all beach scenes since that is the place I do my riding. I hope you like these. The first is a picture of a group of pelicans who were headed away from where I was going. Notice […]

    Wednesday Story day again. Well, we are just getting to know our two characters in the little drama. Some of the comments received have expressed sympathy for Charlotte and some dismay that Bob is out there somewhere. I have to agree with all the comments. Last time Charlotte had just about given up […]

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Name John W. Howell Age Seventy-Four Where are you from. Born in Detroit Michigan and pretty much left there to go to college. Since then I have lived on all coasts of the US as well as Chicago and Indiana A little about yourself `i.e., your education Family life, etc  …


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