The Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt as put up on Linda Hill’s blog is funny. Could be funny strange or funny funny. Read about here: Here is my attempt  to cover the prompt.(Pardon me I didn’t mean to create that alliteration. I can’t go back since this is Stream of Consciousness but I […]

  Friday is here. Happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again. Happy days are here again. Looks like we may all make the week. At least we have a good shot from this point. Eight hours and a margarita is mine. I have noticed a number of posts this week talking […]

The workplace Blog Hop post by Charles Yallowitz is intended to get some perspective of what our workplace looks like.  You can read his post HERE I have just recently moved my workplace from the dining room to an actual space which I can call my own. So I am very glad to show you […]

  Wednesday again and time for a story. This week’s story involves our boy Frank actually trying to do a good deed for someone and getting a little bit overwhelmed. The title is Help and I hope you like it. Help by John W. Howell  Copyright 2014 “So sir can I help you.” “What makes […]

  I want to Welcome Tamie Dearen to Fiction Favorites. She is being honored by Rave Reviews Book Club as a spotlight author. She is now on tour and I am so happy one of her chosen stops is here. She is the author of the critically acclaimed Best Girls Series. Her latest release is Best Foot Forward. […]

      This is the 62nd installment of Ten Things Not to Do. This was inspired by seeing some very strange things happen on the beach over Labor Day. I hope you enjoy.     Top Ten Things Not to Do When You Have Been Drinking. 10. If you have been drinking, do not […]

  The Stream of Consciousness Saturday, prompt for this week is re-. After the re the writer can to anything with it. I have to admit these prompts are starting to get real esoteric. The fact I enjoy esoteric makes me like them. If you want to know more go to Linda Hill’s site and […]


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